Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Elton Brand ruined Christmas

You can forget about whatever joy that this post alluded to, Elton Brand is going to the 76ers.

He made us go out and get Baron Davis, which the Clippers did, and then we turned around for a split second and he fucked us in the ass. There's no other appropriate analogy. We turned around, he yanked our shorts down and had his way with us. In the butt. And now he's in Philadelphia.

Thank you Elton for wiping your ass with the last shred of hope this fledgling franchise had. Fuck you.


  1. so when is adonis going to do a post?????

  2. this is a good question, and until his much anticipated return you can count on me to continue posting about teams that people don't watch, web browsers that people don't use, etc.