Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning

To: Ray, Adonis, Lance
From: Nazer

9:53 AM. Thinking about going to church, not too sure yet, the rain might get crazy. That's what bugs me about this city, well along with the weird accents and absurd liquor laws, the amount of rain I've seen in my time up here has been simply ridiculous. A couple weeks ago it was sunny as hell, then while walking home from class a storm comes and everyone, including me, gets owned by the wrath of nature; not exactly what I'd call a good afternoon.

Going out to buy groceries or pick up a six pack involves a complicated string of thoughts: what kind of sweater/jacket do I have to put on, will my umbrella be able to take this, is it cool to walk around with these shoes in those puddles, etc. It's tedious, but it's necessary, unless you're down to get wrecked by weather.

Besides all that, school is awesome. Classes are pretty challenging, which is good, and it's nice to talk about music, in a college, snobbish, geeky way, once again. My roommates are chill, but I gotta loosen these guys up a bit, they're not quite on that singing Green Day on the karaoke machine while spending hundreds of dollars on Soju level yet, but in time we'll get there.

I've been watching a ton of TV and that keeps me pretty busy. Tonight alone we have Mad Men, the season premiere of Dexter, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, True Blood, Entourage, The FOX comedies, and I didn't even include football, so I have no idea what I'm going to do about that tonight, but we'll see. This new Ne-Yo cd isn't very good at all, kind of disappointed but whatever, and the Rock Band 2 setlist is fun as hell to play.

One month in, and I guess I can say that I'm comfortable. I'm keeping up on all my school work while simultaneously juggling many hours of TV, with movies and video games, while still enjoying myself. I've been cooking a lot too, which is fantastic because I can spend 5 bucks on a steak and have that last me 3 meals, same thing with a pack of chicken breasts. Me and my asian roommate are planning to take a trip to chinatown so I can pick up some lumpia wrapper so all these fools can eat it all, but once again we'll see. Maybe more next week, what's going down with you guys?

(Yeah I'll post when I feel like it)

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