Tuesday, January 27, 2009

President-elect Obama

Back when this blog was still a little toddler, I mentioned in an old post the prospects of a Presidential wannabe named Barack Obama, comparing him to as "if Tiger Woods ran for office."

Over a year later, I find myself owing the man an apology. Tiger Woods may be filthy rich and a great athlete, but after putting them side by side - Tiger Woods really ain't shit standing next to Obama; Now arguably the most powerful man in the world and who I'm pleased to say is the 44th President of the United States.

While you may not agree on his foreign policy plans or his ideas on universal healthcare reform, there's no denying he brings a glitz and glamor to the Presidency that previously, for many years now, was defunct of any style.

Of course, many former presidents brought their own personal charm to the administration, and no disrespect to them - But after 8 years of living with a President (Bush), whose coolest moment was probably dodging a pair of shoes being thrown at him, Obama's beginning of a new Camelot definitely becomes a refreshing makeover.

His current status as the coolest kat on the planet was solidified during his inauguration, as Obama, the young, charismatic, community organizer from Chicago, danced with his wife in elegant fashion, all while Beyonce serenaded them with his classy song choice of "At Last."

Even in his college years, Obama was apparently still one of the coolest kids in the room.

Time to make 2009 a great year.


Friday, January 23, 2009

A few notes...

-My professor repeatedly goes to our site as an example during my Information Retrieval class. Hopefully, he'll go Tuesday morning and see this awesome picture. CoolKidsRoom as an example would be more appropriate for a class called "Lazy Ass Motherfuckers Retrieval".

-The A.J. in A.J. Smith must really stand for Asshole Jerkface.

-It's the end of Week 3 and I'm in danger of failing two of my four classes. I'm like the Chargers though, finish strong and look better than I am with what was really just a mediocre performance.

-One of the great AIM profile quotes I've ever seen: "there's only one 'return' and it's not of the king, it's of the jedi" (from Clerks II)

-One line that struck fear into my heart as I read it: "AzNBiGTyMeR has entered the server."

-The thing that kept ruining the inauguration for me: every time Obama stepped out of a car, walked outside or stepped to the podium, I'm terrified someone's going to shoot him.

-My two favorite podcasts: On the DL w/ Dan Levy, The B.S. Report w/ Bill Simmons

Thank you for your continued support of CoolKids.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

...cold weather

To: Ray, Adonis, Lance
From: Nazer

So I woke up around 9:30, made some breakfast, took a shower, got ready to go to church. After being in San Diego for a few weeks, I didn't even think about checking the weather. When I opened the door outside of my building I was welcomed by this...
Snow is cool...until you actually have to go somewhere and you're stuck in your building. Till next time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

EMO: Farewell Grandpa Hoffman

It's Official.

Unlike high school, rumors in Major League Baseball are mostly true - Trevor Hoffman will no longer be closing/blowing games for the San Diego Padres. What seemed like a perfect match, evidenced by a warm, loving relationship that lasted over 15 years, ended in a dramatic break-up after last season, with the Padres front office and Hoffman walking away from each other bitter and angry.

I was always hoping that the couple would work out their differences (apparently Hoffman felt disrespected and the Padres felt he was a gold digger and getting lousy on the mound) and kiss & make up, but at this point it seems like both sides have moved on for good; especially Hoffman, who has already found a rebound in the Milwaukee Brewers.

On September 27th of last year, with only two games left to finish a terrible season, I was fortunate enough to watch the Padres beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2 at Petco, a game highlighted by Hoffman closing out the top of the 9th in a quick, 1-2-3 inning. That officially would be Hoffman's last save and appearance of 2008.

While I had a feeling that night might of been that last time I would get to witness Trevor Time, (there was already rumors flying around that he could retire) I never imagined he would ever pitch for another team.

The prospect of THE Trevor Hoffman wearing an alien uniform, without SD on his cap, and the idea of "AC/DC - Hell's Bells" being played in another stadium makes me want to throw up.

Lots of good (and sometimes bad) memories watching Hoffy play, but the one memory that easily comes to mind definitely has to be in 2006, when I was lucky enough to witness his 478th save at San Diego, also putting him on top as MLB's all-time saves leader. I remember the place going nuts as I fumbled around with the camera, trying to capture the historic moment.

Blah, I guess I jinxed myself into this heartbreak.

Fuckin Padres: On Life Support? (May 1, 2008)

Save for another playoff run, Hoffman has little more to prove or show for, as he already leads the All-time Saves list, a milestone that took 15 years in the making. Regardless, Trevor Time and the days of hearing Hell’s Bells ring in San Diego, not to mention watching one of the most dominant closers in baseball history play, are running short.


There is of course, much more to be said about the 2nd greatest player in Padre's history, (or the greatest player in Padre's history, if you happen to be a Tony Gwynn hater) but it'll have to wait; the news is still fresh and the emoness has already kicked in...

Fuckin padres man.

[San Diego Union Tribune]

Monday, January 12, 2009



"He's gonna think i'm GOD"

stay tuned for the full breakdown of the BJ PENN v. GSP matchup...

You Were Throwin' Pebbles

8:28 AM, eastern time. I just finished unpacking all of my things. The apartment is empty, all the lights were off, all of the electronics were unplugged, and since I was the last to leave, it's exactly the way I left it. When the plane landed in Boston, I looked out the window to see snow and some fat white guys, and that pretty much sums up Boston right there.

There is literally no food in my apartment. I don't know if I should just go to sleep and rest up a bit, or if I should watch more of the Today Show then just suck it up and go throughout my day. I have to deposit some checks, buy some groceries, then watch a bunch of TV and just prepare for school.

My winter break was ridiculously awesome. I got to hang out with everyone in SD, eating a ton of food, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, singing along to every guys iPod playlist including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, and admiring the San Diego weather. One thing I love about going home is everyone's always down to drink a shitload, get messed up, and have a good time. Follow that with some fatty Mexican food and seriously life doesn't get much better, and I'll miss it.

I have no idea when I'll be coming down next. I love being home, but when I'm there I seriously get no work done, so I guess it's a just balancing act that I'll have to figure out. So thanks for the good times everyone, till next time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Accordion Covers


T. Swift - Love Story

S. Bareilles - Bottle It Up

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chargers make fans, fatasses happy with win

Leave it to the Chargers to keep our spirits high and our stomachs filled. In celebration of the Bolts toppling the Colts on Sunday, Rubio's is serving free fish tacos with the accompanied coupon.

I love Rubio's fish tacos. I could eat them all day. Wahoo's and all the other poser-ass fish taco joints don't got shit on Rubios. I think I've maxed out at 6 tacos in one sitting.

A year or two ago, Rubio's started offering the choice between the O.G. corn tortillas and a new, disgusting flour tortilla for their fish tacos. Even though I'm a dieing breed, I still prefer the corn tortillas while it seems like everyone else hopped on the evil flour bandwagon. Yuckk.

Remeber your roots. CORN>FLOUR!!