Friday, January 23, 2009

A few notes...

-My professor repeatedly goes to our site as an example during my Information Retrieval class. Hopefully, he'll go Tuesday morning and see this awesome picture. CoolKidsRoom as an example would be more appropriate for a class called "Lazy Ass Motherfuckers Retrieval".

-The A.J. in A.J. Smith must really stand for Asshole Jerkface.

-It's the end of Week 3 and I'm in danger of failing two of my four classes. I'm like the Chargers though, finish strong and look better than I am with what was really just a mediocre performance.

-One of the great AIM profile quotes I've ever seen: "there's only one 'return' and it's not of the king, it's of the jedi" (from Clerks II)

-One line that struck fear into my heart as I read it: "AzNBiGTyMeR has entered the server."

-The thing that kept ruining the inauguration for me: every time Obama stepped out of a car, walked outside or stepped to the podium, I'm terrified someone's going to shoot him.

-My two favorite podcasts: On the DL w/ Dan Levy, The B.S. Report w/ Bill Simmons

Thank you for your continued support of CoolKids.


  1. I assume you saw that quote on Jordan's profile which he clearly stole from Clerks II. GL on the 141 assign 3, try not to make it too slow.

  2. ahahah

    "who the fuck is AzNBiGTyMeR... VOTE KICK AzNBiGTyMeR"