Tuesday, January 27, 2009

President-elect Obama

Back when this blog was still a little toddler, I mentioned in an old post the prospects of a Presidential wannabe named Barack Obama, comparing him to as "if Tiger Woods ran for office."

Over a year later, I find myself owing the man an apology. Tiger Woods may be filthy rich and a great athlete, but after putting them side by side - Tiger Woods really ain't shit standing next to Obama; Now arguably the most powerful man in the world and who I'm pleased to say is the 44th President of the United States.

While you may not agree on his foreign policy plans or his ideas on universal healthcare reform, there's no denying he brings a glitz and glamor to the Presidency that previously, for many years now, was defunct of any style.

Of course, many former presidents brought their own personal charm to the administration, and no disrespect to them - But after 8 years of living with a President (Bush), whose coolest moment was probably dodging a pair of shoes being thrown at him, Obama's beginning of a new Camelot definitely becomes a refreshing makeover.

His current status as the coolest kat on the planet was solidified during his inauguration, as Obama, the young, charismatic, community organizer from Chicago, danced with his wife in elegant fashion, all while Beyonce serenaded them with his classy song choice of "At Last."

Even in his college years, Obama was apparently still one of the coolest kids in the room.

Time to make 2009 a great year.



  1. i want to make a post just of my collection of badass Obama gifs

  2. yea obama is so awesome. im glad that he takes such good pictures!

    6 year iraq war = 524.6 billion

    8 year conflict in afghanistan = 120.9 billion.

    stimulus plan forced down the throat of america by obama 870 billion? in one day, more is spent than on 8 years of TWO wars?

    the interest alone in 10 years will cost 347 billion. do you obama fanboys think that this will really help and not destroy the country? and you guys were pissed at bush for all the war spending? the war being justified or not, don't go yelling at us for spending so much money on an unwinnable war...fucking hyprocrite liberals.

  3. that was the best closing line to a comment on this site ever.

    "and you guys were pissed at bush for all the war spending?"

    none of us wrote about the war spending, so you might be making some sweeping generalizations there, but that's understandable.

    your tone aside, i appreciate your comment. this blog leans pretty hard to the left and any dissenting voice in the comments is usually followed by some thoughtful discussion.

    our liberal bias probably comes down to the fact that the four of us are gay californian minorities.

    as far as the stimulus plan goes, your guess is as good as mine. i hope it works out for our country, but your concerns are justifiable. if we somehow bounce back from the recession, i'm sure you'll remain in anonymity.

    but if it all goes to shit, and the world ends in 2012 like everyone is saying, then you can come back and swing your dick in all of our faces.

    God knows I would like it.

  4. internet anonymity gives me balls too.....

  5. aintn0 halfstepn (3:40:10 PM): lol @ the comments of anonymous in the last coolkidsroom post
    aintn0 halfstepn (3:40:39 PM): and lances response
    aintn0 halfstepn (3:41:02 PM): we have a left liberal bias because we are homosexual minorities in california lmao
    raeizon (3:42:58 PM): i wonder who put that
    aintn0 halfstepn (3:43:19 PM): judd
    raeizon (3:43:49 PM): lolllll

  6. Mr. Anonymous -

    "While you may NOT AGREE on his foreign policy plans or his ideas on universal healthcare reform..."

    my apologies, i probably should of included Obama's 870 BILLION ECONOMIC-STIMULUS PLAN into that sentence because apparently, this post praises that whole notion while at the same time criticizing Bush's war spending...


    really though, unless you just had to find a forum to vent about your disapproval for Obama, i hope for your own sake that you re-read the article and connect them to your own comments.

    but since you brought it up, i also hope you realize that, even with a quick glance, there's a big difference between 600 billion in military spending, a bulk of which goes to defense contractors, to 900 billion spent investing in our nation's infrastructure and small businesses.

    yes it's risky, and could be a total waste of money, but i guess us "obama fanboys" need to stay positive. and assuming that all that money is being spent in "one day", through a plan that is still being debated at this point, is making a statement that is just as shortsighted and dim-witted as your comment as a whole.

    either way, i'm guessing you missed the whole point of this post, which was simply to acknowledge a new president and give a lighthearted nod towards his suaveness.

    now i understand why they always made us take those standardized tests throughout high school. those reading comprehension portions were pretty tough...

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  8. so the score is

    cool kids 2
    Anonymous ass face 0

    1st quarter:
    commandercacho 1pt
    artemio 1rebound 1assist
    adonis 1pt

    anonymous ass face SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  9. Say any of this shit to my face and ill fuck you nerdy ass gamers up.

  10. that would be a little tough considering you don't want to leave a name to represent your craptacular attempt at interwebz smack talk.

    as long we're going to make sweeping generalizations here, you should probably get off the internet and find some poor delusional girl to stroke your big faux balls, i'd be cranky and easily pissed by "nerdy ass gamers" if i always had to do it myself too...

  11. if any of the cool kids are attacked by a republic YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK.