Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More GTA Stuff

(I know, not the most creative title, but more headlines like "Grand Theft News" and such don't seem so appealing either.)

So I was watching the CNN Daily Podcast for April 30th, and one of the stories was a man who maced two store clerks and robbed a Gamestop, stealing the almighty Grand Theft Auto IV in the process. Images of the Gamestop were shown, and I thought to myself, "damn, that looks a lot like Mira Mesa," and, you guessed it, it was! Hardcore indeed.

[Source: San Diego 10 News]

In other GTA related news, a man was stabbed while waiting in line for GTA. Now in video game related violence I usually take the opposing side of the media, generally saying that their claims are foolish and that no, the man did not do said crime because of a video game, but I'm going to have to make an exception on this one.

[Source: BBC News]

I've only played a bit of the game so far because I have finals this week and next, but damn, I must say that this shit is damn entertaining. Only a little more than a week to go...must stay focused...

Blogging today and in the future

There are 5 people who I consider to be my personal blogging heroes. In order of importance:

5) Brian Crecente/Brian Ashcraft - these two are the head honchos behind Kotaku, the best gaming blog on the net, and a regular inspiration for much of the content here at CoolKids. This is pretty much the only place you need to go if you want to be the first to know what's going on in the industry and in gaming culture, and these two gentlemen are largely responsible for the quality of the site.

4) Bill Simmons - the story on Simmons is that he had a sports blog before they were called blogs. Eventually his personal website gained such a readership that he was picked up by as a columnist and now his work is regularly featured on their front page. A lot of current successful bloggers bash him for his homerism and for essentially "selling out", but I remain a loyal fan.

3) Big Daddy Drew - he is the best writer of the talented group at KSK, an NFL "satire" blog, and a weekly columnist at Deadspin. Although sometimes masked by the level of profanity and general tone of his work, his wit is unmatched in the blogosphere as I know it.

2) Will Leitch - although he's the second highest on this list, he's pretty much the only one not here because of his writing (which I still enjoy quite a bit). Leitch is the editor at Deadspin, the most popular sports blog on the web. Deadspin was really the first sports blog (by this time they had started calling them blogs already) and I would still consider it the best one as well. The reason he is number 2 is that he has been the leader in the defense against the members of the mainstream media (MSM) who despise blogs and find need to constantly attack their worth. He has done so with a great deal of class and brings a sense of credibility to bloggers as a whole.

1) My brother, Sean - who's personal LiveJournal is the stuff of legends. Kuya Sean was blogging before I knew what blogging was, and he was largely the reason I ever wanted to do it. I read his shit without him knowing (initially he made it clear that I was not allowed to read his "journal") not only because I wanted to know all the juicy details of his personal life, but because it was well written, so damn well written that I wanted to do what he was doing, and document my life at the time (the results of which are found at a "DeadJournal" that I will never link to on this site).

Anyways, the real focus of this entry is #2, Will Leitch.

He's the paler, younger-looking fellow on the right.

Leitch had an appearance on Bob Costas' HBO show, Costas Now, which examined the evolution of sports media, a subject which obviously includes blogs. During his "panel" discussion, he was bombarded with challenges to the credibility and general worth of blogs by Buzz Bissinger, a member of the sports MSM, and writer of the book Friday Night Lights (which was the inspiration for a great movie and a great TV show).

Leitch's responses weren't particularly enlightening, hell if you ask me, he came off as kind of a weasel. But as his written account and response to what took place suggests, they didn't have to be. Bissinger came off as angry and narrow-minded, someone who could not look at these two mediums (blogs and the MSM) as co-existing sources of information and entertainment. No, instead blogs presented a threat not only to the journalism industry, but to the well-being of the (young) American psyche.

One of the better points Leitch attempted to make was that the average Deadspin (or insert blog of choice) reader or in general the average blogger, like myself, isn't as dumb as these guys think we are. We know that snapshots of athletes getting drunk on the weekend don't represent the entire spectrum of that player's life; and we know how to separate comical, sometimes cruel, commentary from what actually took place.

Leitch, of a new generation that understands where media is likely headed in the future, has always fought for bloggers and their right to have a voice. This voice doesn't have to be heard, but if people are listening, then who are they to censor us.

That's why my friends and I do this. Because apparently someone out there is listening. I don't find my voice particularly enlightening, I don't feel like I have anything important to say, but as long as this site keeps getting hits, and we keep getting feedback, I will keep doing this. (Yes, I am that much of an attention whore. As if me changing my facebook status 6 times in one day was not enough of a sign that I'm one of those "hey! look at me!" guys.)

Even if everyone stopped caring, and my pointless midday posts about the Padres and GTA IV drove the quality of the site into the shitter, I would still be doing this, relying on my trusty compadres to comment on all of each other's crap.

I will always view blogs as different kinds of windows to the real world. The real world could be the basketball game on TV, and the window is Deadspin. The real world could be my life and this is your window. Everyone on the net can look through whatever window they want (unfortunately sometimes), and hopefully they "step outside" once in a while. The great thing about blogs is that you get to choose what window to look through or who's voice you want to hear. That's the future of media, and frankly, that's where we are today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

They might as well be murdering kittens

The Padres are breaking my heart right now. Considering the struggles of Grandpa Hoffman (seen above, looking desparately in need of a cane) and our lame excuse for an offense, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Sitting in last place in the NL West, 9 games behind the D-Backs, we're struggling early to say the least. We still have outstanding starting pitching, so we're far from out of it. If things don't turn around though, you can find me drowning my sorrows in a bottle of sake, wondering what could've been another first round playoff exit.

Some game got released today

As Nazer mentioned during the weekend, Grand Theft Auto IV comes out today.

GLOWING reviews and the most perfect scores I've seen since I landed that triple axel during my ice-skating days, I guess I will have to eventually buy this game and actively take part in every Informatics students conversation not having to do with Java or MySQL.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chargers draft an ENDANGERED SPECIES in 3rd round

In the third round of this weekend's NFL Draft, the Chargers drafted Jacob Hester from LSU, a white running back, and a phenomenon nearly as rare as the Chinese Snow Leopard. Along with Marcus Thomas, who we drafted in the fifth round, one of these hulking mammoths will be the change of pace back to LT's shifty style in lieu of Michael Turner's departure. Hester is something of a RB/FB tweener so we'll see how that shapes up.

In the first round we picked up Antoine Cason, CB out of Arizona, who will likely end up as a the nickelback, and possibly see some time at safety. He's a physical corner who will help against the run and also has great ball skills. Apparently he can also jump 5 feet in the air and try to scare the shit out of the QB during a cornerback blitz.

Overall, it was a pretty good day for the Chargers. We were short a few picks because of the acquisition of Chris Chambers, and the trade we made last year to move up and acquire my boy, Eric Weddle, but we added some depth to our already strong roster.

For me personally, I watched way too much of the draft than any normal person should, including the whole first round, and most of today's coverage amounting to nearly 5 hours of pseudo-football viewing. Holy shit, I need a fucking hobby.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pretty much the best night of my life...

The other night while at Denny's, I had the exclusive pleasure of meeting Cool Kids favorite, Ramiele Malubay.

All I can say is that she was super sweet. I didn't muster the courage to ask her to listen to my own AI audition to see what she thought, but it was just an awesome experience to meet her.

Thanks Ramiele, you made my weekend!

Entertainment Buzz: Cars, Guns, and Scarlett Johansson?

- Earlier this week Steroyd Floyd linked me to the exclusive music video for the upcoming Speed Racer film by those dudes that made the Matrix. The song is a play off the memorable Speed Racer main title entitled "Go Speed Racer Go" performed by Ali Dee and the Deekompressors. The video is a trip in itself, but watch it and see what you think. And if you make it all the way to the end, then you have balls. And what's with the Japanese and Mexican verses?

- So Scarlett Johansson has an album coming out soon entitled Anywhere I Lay My Head, featuring a bunch of Tom Waits covers. Her single is called "Falling Down," but the real question is, does anyone really care?


- The release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV is only a couple of days away, and gamers everywhere are going BaLlZ to teh WaLLz over this shit. I've never been a huge GTA fan, probably because I never actually owned a PS2 until Guitar Hero (hey all I played was Smash and dota for like 6 years), and the thought of stealing a car and running people over with it wasn't exactly my idea of the coolest thing ever, but I must say that I am pretty excited for this game. The trailer itself makes me wanna jump in and play, and then the inclusion of online multiplayer elements is really intriguing. And yeah I'm getting it for 360 because I want it at release and I want achievements (+1 for Mira Mesa, bunch of 360 owners).

An Observation: Intoxicated Philosophy

To: Ray, Lance, Adonis
From: Nazer

Another Friday night goes by. Another amount of cash spent on liquor and juice, another pizza purchased, another night of getting drunk, or shit faced, or faded, basically another fun time. But when drinks start flowing, composure begins to disappear just as fast as the bottle, and you all of a sudden you're no longer in your conscious state of mind, but a different one; one more open, one more "free," and so on. Don't get me wrong I'm not a crazy hippie (for the most part), but I'm sure most can agree when I say that a cup full of liquor eventually leads to this altered reality. Bars start to bend, lines are crossed, and maybe, just maybe, with enough people sharing your same embodiment, you enter the world of deep conversation.

Intoxicated Philosophy, at this point, anything goes. Conversations of love, loss, the future, the past, the now, and all of a sudden you start to see different perspectives, different layers of individuals that were previously concealed. Lately, at a music school where everyone is worried about the digital world in which record companies collapse, plastic CDs become obsolete, and people become too attached to their screens to even care, let alone go out and pay for live music, it's been interesting to hear what everyone around me here has had to say. In an industry where everyone is so busy working on their image, thinking through every syllable making sure they don't say something that could cause them any real controversy, it's fascinating to hear the things that people have to say. I can only imagine what the conversations would be like in a room full of layers, who knows.

I had a conversation with one of my friends here about this topic. Is it safe to take the things said when under the influence of alcohol seriously, or should we simply disregard the entire night and forget whatever happened? Are the things you say when your drunk things that you've been holding inside forever, or are they simply developed and spit out due to being belligerent? We'll really never know, but regardless, moments like these are always enjoyable. Things get said, some hilarious, leaving our heads exploding with laughter, some so deep and thought provoking that silence simply takes over the room and everyone looks like an angel just flew through them. Really, anything goes.

In the end, it's just something to think about. Till next time.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Chef ya know?

Since America's Best Dance Crew ended around the same time that Ramiele and Chikezie got eliminated, the only reality show that I've been keepin up with is this season's Top Chef.

So I have to give an obligatory racial shout out to my favorite contestant this season, Dale. I can't post a picture of him here without feeling a little homosexual, so instead I'll put a picture of why I'm bothering to post about him.

Dale is a Filipino from Chicago and for last night's Quickfire challenge, he whipped up a unique take on Halo Halo that landed him in the top 3 and eventually won the elimination challenge with some Grilled Tofu with curry. He's looking like a strong contender to win the whole thing, so I'll be sure to bug you guys about him until he wins or he gets eliminated.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

insert *SHAMELESS PLUG* here


Reasons to go to STUDY JAM:
1. Just Ray will be performing.
2. Just Ray now talks about himself in the third person.
3. Its a fundraiser for an organization I'm now a part of called ANAKBAYAN SD which is fairly new in SD, but is a smaller organization that spawns from a larger org called BAYAN USA and there are multiple Anakbayans throughout the US.
4. It is free for you broke ass niggas but drop a dime or 2 for the cause.
5. You'll be able to say you did something other than SMASH,WOW,DOTA,homework,eat,etc.
6. I promise to have something memorized for a change.
7. Spoken Word PWNS
8.Just Ray will be performing if thats not enough reason than i don't know what to tell you fuckers.....
9. Oh and all the cool kids are doing it so you should to!
10. Maybe you'll have a spoken word BONER! (coined its done)
you might get to witness the anomaly that is my hand gestures as I spit

P.S. i will be making the cool kids first ever video blog for our trip to irvine/house of blues this thursday so look forward to that shit

Monday, April 21, 2008

All the Editor & Chiefs Names Start With an A

Did everyone hate Adonis' when he was editor and chief?

Do you smell what BAROCK is cookin?

Ray set the precedent for this post. Just skip to the 0:29 mark. It's eerie how similar they sound...

Hey, Why So Quiet?

So while everyone else has been out exercising and running, I've been doing the exact opposite. Sitting around while watching TV, eating nothing but sliced bread with turkey, drinking cheap frat party beer and overpriced handles, but having a ton of fun while doing it. After drunk dialing the world and pulling an Ant and forgetting everything that happened the night before, I spend the next day drinking water and soaking up whatever is left in my stomach. The day consists of thinking about doing something productive, but alas, nothing happens.

I've hit that final stretch in the school year. Final project season is in full swing and I feel like I'm ahead of the game which is always good. I plan on knocking out a bunch of my projects this week so I don't become a panicking college student, struggling to paste together shit on the last minute. I can count my days left in Boston on my fingers and toes, and damn I can't wait to get back home. Less than 20 days till I can get my fat self to Cotijas and order up a hash brown burrito and 2 fish tacos, and after eating nothing but sandwiches and pizza nothing sounds better than good, SD style mexican food.

My free time goes to watching shows (30 Rock was so funny) and playing video games, but lately a lot of creative effort has been going into audio production, not just playing piano but doing the whole underground producer thing and making beats and sampling things left and right. After taking a bit of time to look back on the year I realize that I've learned so much not only in music history and theory, but in my goals as an artist as well. As soon as I tell myself that I know exactly what I want to do, more and more doors start to open, more ideas start to flow, more sounds start to come up in my head, and it's all extremely exciting. Next year I'm moving into an apartment with 2 of my friends up here, and we share similar musical styles and we're all into creating and developing ideas, so I'm pretty excited to see what kind of madness develops down the line.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to, hopefully I'll be able to balance my time better in the next few weeks, and I've had a couple features floating around that I might get to soon. Later days everyone.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

They call him "Black Foot" because he probably has some Kenyan in him

Justin Judd proved the white man's supremacy over Asians by running a 5K with a bullshit extra half mile (closer to 3.6 miles than 3.1), a mixed gradient and a bullshit hill in around 24 minutes. I offer my sincere congratulations for this truly Kenyan-esque effort.

Either Adonis or myself will post full results and play-by-play soon.


A Week in Review: Team DonDon in Training -

Despite being anchored by former Olympic-runner Judd Judd and the legendary Thunderdome, Team DonDon has found itself in much dire straits; especially with time running short before Saturday’s much-anticipated matchup against the evil Team Cacho. Distractions, injuries, and locker-room malcontent has left team captain DonDon with very little reason for optimism.

So far, Team DonDon’s training on and off the field has been nothing short of total bust:

Tuesday: Team meeting

After watching a variety of inspirational films including Free Willy and Save the Last Dance, several team members became distraught when the group couldn’t reach a consensus on what the team colors should be. Some even threatened to quit the team. “It better be purple or I’m not running!” exclaimed team member Omar. Neon green and orange ultimately won out, although many team members still remained bitter with the decision.

Wednesday: First day or training

Team member Tuanski sustained an apparent ankle injury while playing a game of Beer Pong. Not only did he break a team rule by participating in a non-running related activity, but his ailing ankle may land him a trip to the Disabled List, holding him out from Saturday’s matchup. He is listed as day-to-day.

Thursday: Second day of training

Even with Team Captain DonDon’s repeated attempts to get his team in marathon shape, a night planned for a 20-mile group run fails to materialize. Instead, many members took the night off and got drunk, getting full off of Mexican food, and ended up passing out in puddles of their own throwup. Captain DonDon struggles to prevent his team from spiraling more out of control.

Friday: Final Preparations

Team members once again fail to congregate and make one final attempt to prepare for the upcoming 5k. Captain DonDon eventually succumbs to the disappointment and total bust that is his team. Rather than getting a good night’s sleep, he sits at home brooding, typing up a ridiculous team report with only 3 hours left before D-Day. FAIL.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I took the time to create profiles for all of my teammates so I can whore out interesting facts about other people than myself.


Notable Accomplishments completely unrelated to running a 5k:

-Once ate an entire family meal for of four.

-Also, eats slices of pizza like they are potato chips.


Notable Accomplishments:

-dates a white girl.


Notable Accomplishments:

-Once stayed out past his bedtime, and snuck back home without getting in trouble.

-Carries the realest fake ID I've ever seen.

-Only person to ever have sex inside a High School Musical sleeping bag. Even if it was with himself.


Notable Accomplishments:

-He is the only multi-lingual runner on the team. He's fluent in English and Vietnamese (orders PHO like a PRO), but his native language is Jibberish.

-Didn't ask Pikachu and Chimcar to take a picture with him. Pikachu and Chimcar asked Jordan to take a picture with them.


- Only person I know who can wear a Newsies outfit, cross his legs like a woman, hold a tea cup and saucer like its circa-1900, AND PULL IT OFF LOOKIN LIKE A STUD.

-Only person I know who has THROWN UP and SHAT at the exact same time. I call it the suka-doodoo special.

-Threw away a promising basketball and football career for a promising fantasy basketball and football career.

-Pick him first for a pickup basketball or football game and he will be the best player on the court/field for three plays, then go home early to throw up in his toilet.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cool Kids in Training!

Join Team Cacho!
Join Team DonDon!

RE: Carlsbad Shmarlsbad

Contrary to popular belief, the guys at coolkidsroom can do more than sit on their asses and rant about social affairs and fast food… O.k., maybe that does pretty much sum us up, but this weekend will change all that.

On Saturday morning, you’ll find cool kids and friends among a crowd running in the
San Diego County NAMI Walks 2008 event.

That’s right, we’re running the city. Approximately 3.1 miles worth. Yes, three miles does sound fucking far, but Lance has proven more than capable of covering such a distance, and of course, its all for a good cause –
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) works to support those individuals and their families affected by mental illnesses through research and raising awareness.

To spice thing up competitively, we’re splitting up into two teams; Team DonDon vs. the evil Team Cacho. The team with the lowest combined times will be deemed victorious and superior to the other. Let the best team win!

Despite being the underdog, Team DonDon features several renowned all-star runners to help even out the scale:

Judd Judd.

"newest" contributor to coolkidsroom, Judd recently turned down an invitation from Team China to run for them in the upcoming Summer Olympics. Rather, the notion of destroying Team Cacho proved to appealing of an offer to pass up. Some say Judd has even ran non-stop across the entire Oklahoma countryside while bare-foot.

“Lanthce doesenth sthand a chantsce againsthh us!”


Also running for Team DonDon is R-Kwan, aka the Thunderdome himself. Always a force to be reckoned with, his lightning speed is as legendary as his nickname. Even in his younger years, the Thunderdome’s trademark bowl-cut could always be seen leading the pack during P.E. class.

(R-Kwan was unavailable for comment.)

The stakes are high, and so will my run time be. Nevertheless…


Join Team Cacho!
Join Team DonDon!



So somehow i stumbled on my good friend Artie's blog and decided to post the same video he has on his blog.

This is how asian people feel about white families

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

■ Recently, when I’ve been filling up for gas, I simply ignore the floating three-digit numbers on the side of the road. Instead, I just hope that whatever cash I give the gas station attendant is sufficient enough to pay for a pack of grits, all my unnecessary fatass snacks, and for the needle on my fuel gauge to at least pass the half-way mark.

Mainly, I do this as an attempt to save myself from the pain of knowing that I’m probably paying a ridiculous price of $3.50 for a gallon of gas, and maybe even $4 in the near future. Back in the day, I remember getting by with a simple “$10 on 3 please” – now saying that just feels embarrassing.

soaring gas prices is nothing new to us, what I find even more absurd besides this dependency on gasoline, is the fact that more and more gas stations now have TV’s at the pump, possibly in an effort to make your visit a more “pleasant” one. Not a bad I idea I suppose; now I get a taste of how it feels to be one of those people with a television screen installed in every seat of their SUV.

Seriously though, if I’m really going to pay $4 per gallon pretty soon, those TV’s better stop showing the news and maybe just show some porn instead – at least then I’ll feel better knowing that I’m not the only one at the pump getting fucked.

■ There’s also been a lot of talk about the American economy nearing a recession. Rather conveniently, these down-years may even have a profound effect on our silly generation as well, with many of us graduating from college soon and off in search of a job. Luckily for me, my 8-year college plan will help me weather this economic depression worry-free, in case everything else hits the shitter.

For everyone else, fear not; our great President has taken notice of this predicament, with his “Economic Stimulus Plan.” In short, Bush plans to salvage our sinking economy by basically handing out money in hopes that everyone will therefore, spend spend spend.

(From an IRS notice)
Dear Taxpayer:

We are pleased to inform you that the United States Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed into law the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008…Under this new law, you may be entitled to a payment of up to $600.

Holy shit, $600! Talk about baller status... O.k., realistically that’s chump change for the average working citizen, but since I fit into the demographic of “broke-ass college students”, that amount of money would help out nicely, especially since I’m paying up to $100 just for a biology book that I’ll probably never use. Imagine, an extra $600 to help ‘stimulate’ the beer and tobacco industries, or even better, an extra $600 to spend on more gas while watching TV at the pump – oh, the possibilities.

Unfortunately, since mommy and daddy are still claiming me, I won’t be able to enjoy that extra $600 when I get back my tax return. So, if your one of those individuals not claimed as a dependent anymore, happy spending to you – you’re more than likely entitled to Bush’s cash giveaway. You can even figure out your winnings with the super-cool
Economic Stimulus Package Calculator.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Put Your Game Face On!

To: Adonis, Nazer, Ray
From: Lance

After a record setting, posting-bukkake month like March 08', it can be hard to believe that us Cool Kids have anything better to do than to watch bizzare clips of our favorite stars in their early roles, recount the past and present of the WB (or is it CW?) network, or find a lame excuse to talk about McDonalds, dessert, and grits in the same couple paragraphs.

We do indeed have lives beyond this cornucopia of arbitrary thoughts, and the fact that a "Monday" Morning Buffet falls on Wednesday should tell you as much...even if these supposed 'lives' probably entails copious amounts of alcohol consumption, endless hours of working out playing video games, and sleeping in until the wee hours of the afternoon.

I promise I have a couple of feature articles up my sleeve for the month of April, but being the massive attention whore that I am, I feel compelled to share with you what I'll be doing when I'm not wasting your time with my blogiture.

  • School is usually the last place you'll find an interesting note from me, but I have to admit the project I'm working on for my Human-Computer Interaction class is a doozy. I can only say that I get to work with early builds of hardware and software in relation with a well-known company and I'll have my hands on other equipment that my school foolishly spent money on. The fact that I had to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement should indicate that what my team and I are doing is pretty NEAT.

  • Two 5k's in Two Weeks. DonDon's team is going DownDown! /end Drew-quality joke

Somewhere amongst those two highlights will be the rest of my burdensome schoolwork, Rock Band sprinkled here and there, feeble attempts to get in shape, and lots of drinking and eating. Don't forget an absurdly unbalanced guy to girl social interaction ratio and designated driving duties here and there for all of my 21+ friends. Don't worry, I can wait the long four and a half months to drink and have fun, I'm a patient guy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

OMFG Indeed!

There has been a ton of buzz behind the new Gossip Girl ads, many sites saying they're too "racy" and that the use of the term "OMFG" isn't suitable for children. Personally I think the ads awesome, and they properly portray the show.

We've come a long way haven't we...

Taking It Easy

To: Lance, Ray, Adonis
From: Nazer

12:33 on a Saturday afternoon. The sun is shining outside and it looks ridiculously nice, but I know when I step out it's going to be windy as hell. On my desk are leftover Heineken bottles and Mcdonalds napkins, crumpled receipts and magazine advertisements, and more, lets just call it unorganized chaos.

School has been cool, well let me say this again, school is always cool, just some weeks are better than others. I don't think I'm alone in this, but eventually you hit a point in your studies where you feel like you're comfortable with the material, then you read a few more pages of a book and your world suddenly expands and you realize how much you actually don't know; a vicious, repetitive cycle. With only 3 more weeks left and finals I'm just going to stick it out and hope for the best results.

I watched the Padres lose to the Giants, watched "Psycho" (1960) for my History of Film Music class, watched The Office and 30 Rock, and played Portal and Mass Effect on 360. The last page of Entertainment Weekly was entitled Videogame Lunacy by Stephen King, and he talked about the generalizations given to video games as a sort of "evil" in the world. He makes note to say that he isn't a gamer, but he understands when people in this industry lash out because of the comments that are directly associated with them. He talked about a Massachusetts law that's currently in review stating that kids won't be able to purchase Mature rated games until they're 18, but states that the same child can go watch Hostel II at age 17. He also commented on the fact that it is so easy for a reporter to say that video games cause things like school shootings, but what ignorant adult let their kids get their hands on guns in the first place. This is a topic I find interesting because I consider myself a gamer, and I'm not in favor of the stereotypes placed behind them.

So what's planned for the day? Maybe some practicing, getting some school work done, maybe playing some video games or watching a movie, and then another night of hanging out, typical saturday, but we'll see. Take it easy folks.

Friday, April 11, 2008

OMG The Office Was Actually Funny

Okay, last night's Office episode was funny as hell to me. I'm known for showing a certain amount of hate towards this show, but last nights episode dodged everything I dislike about it. They brought the team to a new setting, centered the episode around a few characters instead of the whole building, and to me they really achieved what The Office (at least in my opinion) was originally supposed to do, leave you hanging on the brink of awkwardness with your mind boggled and stomach uneasy.

This episode reminded me a lot of the earlier Office episodes because they laid out a ton of subtle jokes. I was cracking up throughout the whole episode because of Michael and Jan's little quirks. This episode brought out the best of all the characters, from Angela denying hugs, to Jim aggravating Michael till he screams, all the things that made us love this show in the first place. I mean when the argument started with Michael and Jan at dinner, and then the song was playing during the whole sequence, comedy gold right there, so hilarious.

The reason my love for this show has slowly depleted was because it got repetitive and too off the wall. I mean I know Dwight is weird, but you could imagine someone like that in our world. But when Michael and Dwight drive a car into a lake because their GPS system told them to, what the fuck? No one would do that, and lately The Office has been going for so many out of this world jokes, cheap laughter if you will.

To sum it up the episode brought together all of the best things about the Office, the way it brings you into uncomfortable situations, the discrete humor, and nothing too over the top. If the rest of the Spring season episodes are like this, maybe I'll start to praise this show again.

30 Rock was good too, Thursday nights belong to NBC, at least for now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bangin on your SET HOMES

AC SLATER left Bayside tigers wrestling team to join the "Two One" gang pay close attention to the kid with the backwards hat walkin down the alley way.

later hosting a confrontation by two of the most feared gangs in the U.S.. We know them as the Bloods and Crips, but earlier names were beat street and bronx rockers.

All suspects were apprehended and locked up including Don Cheadle.

I guess all actors gotta start somewhere and some become big stars or host MTV shows like oh I don't know AMERICAS BEST DANCE CREW

None of these fuckers could handle the Cool Kids Gang....CKG 4 LIFE

were dead........

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Joe Rogan Shit Talk Champion

Joe Rogan in a beer pong match would fuck up your shot with his shit talking alone. Than he would prolly rear naked choke your ass. Hes kind of an asshole, but funny to me at least.

Monday Morning Buffet: Spring Break Endeavors

■ My Spring Break technically ended last Monday, but due to the nature of the quarter system, which tends to begin each new quarter with a pick-up-your-syllabus week, and due to my pathetic work ethic, I decided to extend my break for a few more undeserving days’ worth of gallivanting.

Even with my self-extended break, I knew I had very little time to accomplish all of the goals I set up beforehand. Naturally, I crossed out what I saw as the least important things on my list of Spring Break Goals, deeming them expendable for time being.

- File my tax return
- Work on my resume
- Clean out room of junk
- Get an oil change for my car
- Attempt to work out again

After setting my priorities straight, I managed to find time for more significant endeavors.

Goal #1: Become the greatest fisherman this side of the Pacific.

I haven’t gone fishing since back in the day when I was 7 or so, so I was glad that some of the homies took me out to terrorize the ocean-depths once more.

But after hours worth of fishing, my night ended with a fish count of 0. Zip, nada, ZERO.

On the bright side, I did have a close encounter with a creature that resembled something like this:

Fortunately for him, I was caught off guard when he fell for the bait, and the creature was able to escape before I had a chance to reel him in. He escaped me once, but next time, he won’t be so lucky...

Result: 0 fish in 5 hours. FAIL.

Goal #2: Drink enough to acquire an iron liver.

Besides celebrating multiple birthdays, and drinking on consecutive days, my alcoholic-bound training program also included a round of playing Power Hour.

My definition of Power Hour: An evil drinking game conceived by the devil himself, which requires players to take a shot of beer per minute for an entire hour or until tapping out. One notable participant, CommanderCacho of coolkidsroom, has accomplished this feat on numerous occasions.

Even under the tutelage of Lance himself, I only managed to achieve a grand total of 33 shots prior to taking refuge at a toilet, or well, in my case, a plastic bag provided by Ray, before throwing up a Carl’s Jr. Chili Burger.

Result: Barely reaching the half-way mark of Power Hour. FAIL.

Goal #3: Become the newest crew member of the JabbaWockeez.

As Nazer
mentioned earlier, television is finally back in business with fresh new content, although this previous void of entertainment was fulfilled for me thanks to America’s Best Dance Crew and its recent crowning of the JabbaWockeez as winners of season 1.

After being wholeheartedly inspired by them, and after a few hardcore sessions, I decided to test my skills and take it to the dance floor.

Result: Go clubbing downtown. Attempt to jock on girls using Jabbawockee moves. Look like an idiot. FAIL.

Goal #4: Become the greatest singer ever.

O.k. not really, but I just wanted to mention that
Miss Ramiele Malubay finally got the boot on American Idol, after what her critics agreed was nothing short of an uninspiring series of lackluster performances. Either way, she's still an idol in my book.

Result: Ramiele Malubay, FAIL.

Goal #5: Become the next great baseball phenom.

With baseball season in full gear, my break also consisted of an unhealthy dose of baseball-related activities, including watching games across Major League Baseball, researching and tinkering with my fantasy teams, and enjoying the Padres opening week at Petco Park; highlighted by Jake Peavy’s should-of-been-a-shut-out
complete game, and ending with Grandpa Hoffman once again showing his age.

Result: Attempt to prove my worth at the batting cages. Swing away and go 0 for 100. FAIL.

Goal #6: Lastly, catch up on movies I’ve been eager to see.

Namely, this meant finally watching the
Oscar Winner for Best Picture, the movie No Country for Old Men such as Trevor Hoffman. I’ve been impressed with all of the Best Picture winners for the past several years, from Gladiator in 2000 to The Depated in 2006. Likewise, 2007 was no different.

In fact, I was so impressed with No Country for Old Men, that I decided to make a secondary goal of becoming a badass like the movie’s antagonist, Anton Chiguhr, played by Javier Bardem. Not surprisingly, Bardem won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his memorable performance as the psychopathic killer. However, I also figured that this meant I had to copy his stylish hair-do, in order to achieve such a level of badass-ness.

Even Hannibal Lector and the Terminator couldn't fuck with this guy.
After applying some instant hair-growth gel and observing the results, I realized that I had no chance whatsoever of imitating his Beatles’ mop-top, as you can see here:

Result: A nappy-ass fro. FAIL.

■ In retrospect, I guess you can say my Spring Break fell short of expectations, as I failed to accomplish any of my goals that were more than easy to attain. Still, I suppose it was worth the fun and effort. Now that I look back, this post could’ve been the perfect compliment to the FAILURE homie edition, minus the pedophilic attempts and a ridiculously huge bump on the forehead. Now begins another lame attempt to get back into school mode; good luck everyone.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Carlsbad Shmarlsbad

To: Ray, Nazer, Adonis, etc.
From: Lance
Training has officially begun...

Sunday, I ran the Carlsbad 5000 and as tiring and challenging as it was, I have to admit I had a lot of fun. I chugged my fat ass along for 3.1 miles and made it in under 33 minutes.

The sound of the gun was exhilarating, the ocean view was beautiful at times, and my iPod playlist of the Rocky theme song and various works of Hans Zimmer kept me motivated to run the whole time. There was a large charity group running with team members dispersed where my pace was, and they always had people cheering for them on the sides. I just pretended they were cheering for me, and my fist pumps in the air directed towards these fans were usually returned with puzzled stares.

The third mile had me wanting to suka my chicken tocino and corned beef breakfast (you know Uncle will cook breakfast if there's people at the house in the morning...bad idea), but I chugged along even as the blister on my right foot felt as if it would burst.

The last stretch with the finish line in sight was one of the best adrenaline fueled sprints I've ever put my body through. The sound of cheers from the crowd (this time they we're actually for me and everyone else finishing) gave me a great feeling and left me wanting more when I reached the finish line.

So after I told the homies about Sunday it seems that a couple Cool Kids might be interested in doing one all together soon. Who's free on the 19th of April?

The mighty Mos

I don't know why i just found this entertaining.

"Nobody runs up on painters like, ay yo bust a sketch right now wussup i'm saying you can't bust a watercolor Mr. Drawer"

Jacked from Adriel Luis' blog

Monday, April 7, 2008

Top 3 Coffee Pairings

Lately, my coffee habit has grown nearly out of control. Caffeine headaches abound, even if I wake up in the afternoon, I'm fienin' for a cup of joe (why the fuck is it even called 'joe'). It is one of the many things that I consider myself a slave to (others include alcohol, porn, and carne asada, but we'll save those for another entry).

As I sit here with a slice of mud pie ice cream cake and a black cup of Folger's finest French Roast before my 4pm lab section, I've come up with the Top 3 Coffee Pairings.

3. Sausage McMuffin

McDonalds breakfast pwns. The only other fast food breakfast item that I ever crave is the Cotijas Hash Brown burrito, but even then, I enjoy the burrito better for lunch or dinner. But for breakfast, it has to be McDonalds. I will even take McDonalds breakfast over Dennys or IHOP at times. You better make it to the golden arches before 10:30 am or you're assed out, so McDonalds breakfast is a rare treat for me.

The Sausage McMuffin is one of the original Mickey D's breakfast items and an old standby that I come back to. It's a simple yet harmonious sandwich which I recreate at home all the time. A fattier version of the ham-based Egg McMuffin, the subtly spicy patty goes better with a hot cup of coffee.

2. Good ass Dessert or Pastry

While I enjoy my coffee loaded with sugar and cream as much as the next person, a black cup of coffee is an underappreciated treasure, and serves as a perfect compliment to a sweet dessert or pastry. The bold yet rich bitterness of a good cup of black coffee simply enhances a good coffee cake or donut.

1. Cigarette

The official Cool Kids Breakfast of Champions is a grit and a cup of coffee. I quit smoking a while ago, but I still long for one more drag, hopefully accompanied by a sip of coffee. The hot java and the smoky grit go hand in hand in starting a great day. The combination gives you a reason to wake up in the morning, as well as a reason to go to the bathroom.

I swear the cigarette enhances the laxative properties ten fold. Fuck I have to take a shit just thinking about this.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's Saturday, What's New

To: Ray, Lance, Adonis, and affiliates
From: Nazer
Re: Single Poison

That was an awesome piece. All of this is a subject that I don't comment very much on, and after reading Ray's post as well as Mel's and Kristine's I thought, why don't I comment on stuff like this? There are a ton of reasons why I shy away from this subject, but the most concrete would be that I'm the kind of person who bases a lot of things on fact. The simple truth is that the subject of dating and relationships really have no simple truths. There are no laws set in stone, there is no step by step guide to get you to where you wanna be, but there are a ton of shoots and ladders, and as we all know you can't predict when you'll reach an end. You can't explain attraction, you can't define love, and as cliche as this sounds, it really is a roller coaster with so many ups and downs, and that's what makes it all so scary, but so exciting and cool at the same time. I'll probably go more in depth in a future post down the line, so if you really wanna know more about my point of view feel free to ask or just stay tuned.

In other news, being 21 is expensive as hell. Money once saved for games or books or cds now goes to beer for beer pong and expensive ass drinks at restaurants. Don't get me wrong it's all extremely enjoyable and there's always good stories, but watching my bank account rapidly deplete isn't that tight.

Baseball season has officially begun, and the natives of Boston do their team proud by rocking Red Sox gear literally EVERYWHERE. I subscribed to the video stream on so I can watch Padres games, and having the Channel 4 SD commentary really makes me feel like I'm at home, go Padres!

I'm really excited for the Spring TV season to start up. I can't wait to sit my ass down in front of the television for hours lazily watching 30 Rock and The Office. In the meantime I've been watching AMCs Breaking Bad, a show about a man with a wife and child who teaches chemistry at a high school. He becomes diagnosed with lung cancer and his life is quickly spiraling downward with financial problems and stress, so he decides to make cook meth and sell it to get by. I'm only a couple episodes in but it's been pretty entertaining so far.

I'll be spending the rest of my day planning out my schedule for next semester, maybe playing some video games, deciding on dinner, some practicing, then another night of random acts. Time is flying by and I'll be home in a month, till next time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Single Poison:4 Guys One Blog Too Much SEXY

To: Nazer, Adonis, Lance, and affiliates
From: Just Ray

I've been meaning to do some kind of response post to two earlier posts done by a couple of our affiliates/FANS. First I just want to say out of the Cool Kid affiliates I probably read Not so small talk and One thing at a time the most for a multitude of reasons. First reason being that these blogs provide a female perspective on things that the cool kids are unable to provide. Second reason being that their blog posts seem so much more organized than my own making for an easy read.

Anyways this post is in response to the duel/tag team posts by Mel and Kristine (The Sexy Post & Battle of The Sexies). Now don't get it twisted this is in no way a counter attack or anything of that nature to these posts. Look at it more as a cheap spin-off. I just felt that the cool kids need to let their voices be heard on the issue of dating/relationships. So unless I haven't been paying enough attention to previous Cool Kid posts, i'll hapilly be the first. It's no secret that I get down with some poetry so the easiest way to do this was through that outlet so without further a due.....

Single Poison

Being single for 2 years straight
A person tends to learn a thing or 2

Or 3 sometimes 4

About the different ways to get dumped/rejected
With the typical “I’m not ready”s
“I’m not over my ex”s
“Were better off as friends”s
“Or your like a brother to me”s
Better yet,
A Kuya…

And my personal favorite
“We hardly know eachother”s

My response I replay
Through my head each time is
Less complicated

As I think to myself

Did this really happen to me AGAIN?

But I play chill
I’ve learned to compose
And control my emotions

Being sure not to
Allow myself to feel…


It’s difficult to understand
How you could get rejected
Before it even got started

Getting caught up
In that initial simp shiet

Only for it to be cut short
Before any true feelings
Get hurt

The only thing in need
Of first aid is my ego
Better yet my pride

And as a veteran at getting dumped,
You would think I would reap benefits
but like certain veterans I’m fucked

I’m so sick of people bitching
About how hard it is to be in a relationship

When I’m still struggling
Just being single

According to older folks

“You are single ready to mingle”
“How many girlfriends do you have?”
“It’s better to collect collect and then you select”

Bull shit

No offense but if your like me collecting
A whole bunch of crap
leaves me with a pile of shit

Because even if a piece of shit comes off
A lot better than all the other shit
Its still a piece of shit

Im sorry
I know that
Shit is just mean

But nothing pisses me off more
Than being dumped through
Instant messaging…..


It gets worse when their like,
“we can still be friends”

I’m like

Yea on myspace you shady shit
Fuck that I’m deleting your ass
And I’m putting my shit on private

Or what’s worse is when they stop
Answering your phone calls

Ladies just answer it and dump
These fellaz and hang up

Because I know
My dumbass starts
Making up excuses for why
She aint answering her phone

“AH you know she probably doesn’t have any service”


“Fuckn Verizon I swear sometimes my calls don’t go through”

That shit turns guys into psychos
Leaving voice mails that we aren’t so proud of
And we wish we could take back

“HEY its ray again, so uhhhhhh …this is call number 15…and just wanted to see wassup?!?, call me back when you get a chance….you said you liked me last night, so what the hell happen………….(bitch) *click*”

And I hate these damn MTV dating shows
Supposed to be reality television
But we all know its bs

I wanna be able to go on dates and scream next

Whats real though
its me that’s always getting nexted

I wish I could have a bus full of girls
Standing in line to date me

But it would probably be easier
To find girls that hate me

Or shows like the ex factor
If you put my Ex’s anywhere
Near each other it would be like
Clash of the titan’s

There would be more blood in that room
Than SAW 1,2,3 and 4
And the 300

Now it’s not to say
That I never dumped a girl

So I guess all of this shit goes both ways

I’m at a point where I don’t want to just holla,
Spit game, or fuck around

I just want a girl that I could connect with
Without uttering a single sound

I want to have to take a step outside
For some fresh air

Because she takes my breath away

Have no problem with getting up
Early mornings
Because every night
she would knock me off my feet

Take some pepto bismal
For upset stomach
From all the butterflies
I get when she’s near me

She’ll come around one day
To provide the vaccine to my
Single poison

But with my luck she wont
Get a chance to dump me,

Because most of the good ones
Already have boyfriends

Just for the sake of promoting shit that I like personally, heres a performance by some of my favorite spoken word heads...ruby and nico.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome Back

After a three month long writers strike, the entertainment industry is making another push to finish out this years TV season. Before the strike many shows left us with a ton of potential season enders, not knowing for sure when their show would return. Our television-starved eyes were given images of BFFs crying by an airplane, weird musical episodes, crazy plot revelations and so on. Even though I live a life of endless entertainment viewing, and with Lost and ABDC gone (for now), I'm eagerly awaiting the return of some of my favorite shows so I can fit them into my schedule.

Tonight NBC airs new episodes of My Name Is Earl, but the week after we see the return of everyones favorite (overrated) comedy The Office. Alongside that we have new episodes of Scrubs and of course a coolkids personal favorite 30 Rock. You can also look for new episodes of Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, House, and so on in the upcoming weeks, and another run of Lost episodes before Spring TV ends and Summer TV makes its appearance. Use the internets to find your local TV listings.

So for those of you who have spent the prime time hours doing nothing but checking fantasy stats and learning to knit, get ready for TV to make its return. Finally, something to turn people away from American Idol and Deal Or No Deal. TV, nice to have you with us once again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Please welcome our newest contributor!

For the past couple weeks, my compadres and I over here on CoolKids have wanted to add someone else to the staff. After countless hours spent mulling over who to add, we are proud to present our newest blogger, Justin Judd Judd.

Judd will bring a fresh new perspective to our otherwise ethnocentric staff. That means he'l be able to dish out content about everything of the caucasian, including:
black-soled feet, Sugar Smacks, Good N Plenty, Oklahoma, mysterious body odor, walking around outside without a shirt, walking around outside without shoes, being groped by a fat guy at Mesa Commmons (ok it was me), being gay in general, outstanding math skills for a white man (at the Chinese level), stealing our asian women, etc.

Before he makes his first post, Judd had this to say for his new readers:
Firtht of all I would like thhhank all of theeth asthians who I alwayth hang out withhh. My betht posths will be when I talk about lyyyfffffe (wipes saliva from mouth). Lathtly, I mustht thhank Blake. Withhout you, none of thisth isth possthible.

We look forward to Judd's contributions soon!