Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Observation: Intoxicated Philosophy

To: Ray, Lance, Adonis
From: Nazer

Another Friday night goes by. Another amount of cash spent on liquor and juice, another pizza purchased, another night of getting drunk, or shit faced, or faded, basically another fun time. But when drinks start flowing, composure begins to disappear just as fast as the bottle, and you all of a sudden you're no longer in your conscious state of mind, but a different one; one more open, one more "free," and so on. Don't get me wrong I'm not a crazy hippie (for the most part), but I'm sure most can agree when I say that a cup full of liquor eventually leads to this altered reality. Bars start to bend, lines are crossed, and maybe, just maybe, with enough people sharing your same embodiment, you enter the world of deep conversation.

Intoxicated Philosophy, at this point, anything goes. Conversations of love, loss, the future, the past, the now, and all of a sudden you start to see different perspectives, different layers of individuals that were previously concealed. Lately, at a music school where everyone is worried about the digital world in which record companies collapse, plastic CDs become obsolete, and people become too attached to their screens to even care, let alone go out and pay for live music, it's been interesting to hear what everyone around me here has had to say. In an industry where everyone is so busy working on their image, thinking through every syllable making sure they don't say something that could cause them any real controversy, it's fascinating to hear the things that people have to say. I can only imagine what the conversations would be like in a room full of layers, who knows.

I had a conversation with one of my friends here about this topic. Is it safe to take the things said when under the influence of alcohol seriously, or should we simply disregard the entire night and forget whatever happened? Are the things you say when your drunk things that you've been holding inside forever, or are they simply developed and spit out due to being belligerent? We'll really never know, but regardless, moments like these are always enjoyable. Things get said, some hilarious, leaving our heads exploding with laughter, some so deep and thought provoking that silence simply takes over the room and everyone looks like an angel just flew through them. Really, anything goes.

In the end, it's just something to think about. Till next time.

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  1. most of the great minds and artists of the past century were drunks too. i think you're on to something.