Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome Back

After a three month long writers strike, the entertainment industry is making another push to finish out this years TV season. Before the strike many shows left us with a ton of potential season enders, not knowing for sure when their show would return. Our television-starved eyes were given images of BFFs crying by an airplane, weird musical episodes, crazy plot revelations and so on. Even though I live a life of endless entertainment viewing, and with Lost and ABDC gone (for now), I'm eagerly awaiting the return of some of my favorite shows so I can fit them into my schedule.

Tonight NBC airs new episodes of My Name Is Earl, but the week after we see the return of everyones favorite (overrated) comedy The Office. Alongside that we have new episodes of Scrubs and of course a coolkids personal favorite 30 Rock. You can also look for new episodes of Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, House, and so on in the upcoming weeks, and another run of Lost episodes before Spring TV ends and Summer TV makes its appearance. Use the internets to find your local TV listings.

So for those of you who have spent the prime time hours doing nothing but checking fantasy stats and learning to knit, get ready for TV to make its return. Finally, something to turn people away from American Idol and Deal Or No Deal. TV, nice to have you with us once again.


  1. tonight feels so empty without LOST and ABDC. beer pong it is!

  2. I will get into a new show...besides one tree hill

  3. new 30 rock episode this thursday!!