Friday, April 11, 2008

OMG The Office Was Actually Funny

Okay, last night's Office episode was funny as hell to me. I'm known for showing a certain amount of hate towards this show, but last nights episode dodged everything I dislike about it. They brought the team to a new setting, centered the episode around a few characters instead of the whole building, and to me they really achieved what The Office (at least in my opinion) was originally supposed to do, leave you hanging on the brink of awkwardness with your mind boggled and stomach uneasy.

This episode reminded me a lot of the earlier Office episodes because they laid out a ton of subtle jokes. I was cracking up throughout the whole episode because of Michael and Jan's little quirks. This episode brought out the best of all the characters, from Angela denying hugs, to Jim aggravating Michael till he screams, all the things that made us love this show in the first place. I mean when the argument started with Michael and Jan at dinner, and then the song was playing during the whole sequence, comedy gold right there, so hilarious.

The reason my love for this show has slowly depleted was because it got repetitive and too off the wall. I mean I know Dwight is weird, but you could imagine someone like that in our world. But when Michael and Dwight drive a car into a lake because their GPS system told them to, what the fuck? No one would do that, and lately The Office has been going for so many out of this world jokes, cheap laughter if you will.

To sum it up the episode brought together all of the best things about the Office, the way it brings you into uncomfortable situations, the discrete humor, and nothing too over the top. If the rest of the Spring season episodes are like this, maybe I'll start to praise this show again.

30 Rock was good too, Thursday nights belong to NBC, at least for now.


  1. the whole dwight wrestling his cousin gag was kind of weird too. it was funny but in a cheap way.

    but yeah, there were some priceless moments in last night's episode.