Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bangin on your SET HOMES

AC SLATER left Bayside tigers wrestling team to join the "Two One" gang pay close attention to the kid with the backwards hat walkin down the alley way.

later hosting a confrontation by two of the most feared gangs in the U.S.. We know them as the Bloods and Crips, but earlier names were beat street and bronx rockers.

All suspects were apprehended and locked up including Don Cheadle.

I guess all actors gotta start somewhere and some become big stars or host MTV shows like oh I don't know AMERICAS BEST DANCE CREW

None of these fuckers could handle the Cool Kids Gang....CKG 4 LIFE

were dead........


  1. too bad AC slaters career amounted to NOTHING ahah.. guess it worked out for don cheadle though he is the shit

  2. yeah those nfl commercials were fuckin tight.