Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chargers draft an ENDANGERED SPECIES in 3rd round

In the third round of this weekend's NFL Draft, the Chargers drafted Jacob Hester from LSU, a white running back, and a phenomenon nearly as rare as the Chinese Snow Leopard. Along with Marcus Thomas, who we drafted in the fifth round, one of these hulking mammoths will be the change of pace back to LT's shifty style in lieu of Michael Turner's departure. Hester is something of a RB/FB tweener so we'll see how that shapes up.

In the first round we picked up Antoine Cason, CB out of Arizona, who will likely end up as a the nickelback, and possibly see some time at safety. He's a physical corner who will help against the run and also has great ball skills. Apparently he can also jump 5 feet in the air and try to scare the shit out of the QB during a cornerback blitz.

Overall, it was a pretty good day for the Chargers. We were short a few picks because of the acquisition of Chris Chambers, and the trade we made last year to move up and acquire my boy, Eric Weddle, but we added some depth to our already strong roster.

For me personally, I watched way too much of the draft than any normal person should, including the whole first round, and most of today's coverage amounting to nearly 5 hours of pseudo-football viewing. Holy shit, I need a fucking hobby.

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  1. holy shit a white runningback.. i thought they were all but extinct. i wonder if they're are any pure white cornerbacks left in the world.. that'd be some shit