Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's Saturday, What's New

To: Ray, Lance, Adonis, and affiliates
From: Nazer
Re: Single Poison

That was an awesome piece. All of this is a subject that I don't comment very much on, and after reading Ray's post as well as Mel's and Kristine's I thought, why don't I comment on stuff like this? There are a ton of reasons why I shy away from this subject, but the most concrete would be that I'm the kind of person who bases a lot of things on fact. The simple truth is that the subject of dating and relationships really have no simple truths. There are no laws set in stone, there is no step by step guide to get you to where you wanna be, but there are a ton of shoots and ladders, and as we all know you can't predict when you'll reach an end. You can't explain attraction, you can't define love, and as cliche as this sounds, it really is a roller coaster with so many ups and downs, and that's what makes it all so scary, but so exciting and cool at the same time. I'll probably go more in depth in a future post down the line, so if you really wanna know more about my point of view feel free to ask or just stay tuned.

In other news, being 21 is expensive as hell. Money once saved for games or books or cds now goes to beer for beer pong and expensive ass drinks at restaurants. Don't get me wrong it's all extremely enjoyable and there's always good stories, but watching my bank account rapidly deplete isn't that tight.

Baseball season has officially begun, and the natives of Boston do their team proud by rocking Red Sox gear literally EVERYWHERE. I subscribed to the video stream on so I can watch Padres games, and having the Channel 4 SD commentary really makes me feel like I'm at home, go Padres!

I'm really excited for the Spring TV season to start up. I can't wait to sit my ass down in front of the television for hours lazily watching 30 Rock and The Office. In the meantime I've been watching AMCs Breaking Bad, a show about a man with a wife and child who teaches chemistry at a high school. He becomes diagnosed with lung cancer and his life is quickly spiraling downward with financial problems and stress, so he decides to make cook meth and sell it to get by. I'm only a couple episodes in but it's been pretty entertaining so far.

I'll be spending the rest of my day planning out my schedule for next semester, maybe playing some video games, deciding on dinner, some practicing, then another night of random acts. Time is flying by and I'll be home in a month, till next time.


  1. one thing i dont mind about being the designated driver for all of the 198/roger happy hour runs is the extravagant bills that they accumulate by ordering food AND drinks.

    fuck, i have 5 months to find a job, cause im gonna need that supplemental income for sure.

  2. glad your reppin' SD in spite of living in the heart of RED SOX NATION. too bad the pads and the bosox dont play each other this season.

    btw, the hooters tab for jeff's bday was around $400, NOT including food.. ahaha cant wait to be 21