Monday, April 14, 2008

Put Your Game Face On!

To: Adonis, Nazer, Ray
From: Lance

After a record setting, posting-bukkake month like March 08', it can be hard to believe that us Cool Kids have anything better to do than to watch bizzare clips of our favorite stars in their early roles, recount the past and present of the WB (or is it CW?) network, or find a lame excuse to talk about McDonalds, dessert, and grits in the same couple paragraphs.

We do indeed have lives beyond this cornucopia of arbitrary thoughts, and the fact that a "Monday" Morning Buffet falls on Wednesday should tell you as much...even if these supposed 'lives' probably entails copious amounts of alcohol consumption, endless hours of working out playing video games, and sleeping in until the wee hours of the afternoon.

I promise I have a couple of feature articles up my sleeve for the month of April, but being the massive attention whore that I am, I feel compelled to share with you what I'll be doing when I'm not wasting your time with my blogiture.

  • School is usually the last place you'll find an interesting note from me, but I have to admit the project I'm working on for my Human-Computer Interaction class is a doozy. I can only say that I get to work with early builds of hardware and software in relation with a well-known company and I'll have my hands on other equipment that my school foolishly spent money on. The fact that I had to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement should indicate that what my team and I are doing is pretty NEAT.

  • Two 5k's in Two Weeks. DonDon's team is going DownDown! /end Drew-quality joke

Somewhere amongst those two highlights will be the rest of my burdensome schoolwork, Rock Band sprinkled here and there, feeble attempts to get in shape, and lots of drinking and eating. Don't forget an absurdly unbalanced guy to girl social interaction ratio and designated driving duties here and there for all of my 21+ friends. Don't worry, I can wait the long four and a half months to drink and have fun, I'm a patient guy!


  1. man the picture on the bottom only proves that condo heads are the life of the fuck party

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wups i mean fuckn party...although i wouldn't mind being the life of the fuck party...(suka)

  4. We will win this weekend, floyd and i ran yesterday.

    Please dont eat to much, and hold off on the fried foods this week it fucked me up yesterday.

  5. i will see you on the field of battle.

  6. so this is what you guys do when I'm not run...maybe i should stay in boston this summer....(JOKES)

  7. fuck party is what's goin on after the run.

  8. i move from sd for a little bit, and you guys have fuck parties? woe is me...