Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More GTA Stuff

(I know, not the most creative title, but more headlines like "Grand Theft News" and such don't seem so appealing either.)

So I was watching the CNN Daily Podcast for April 30th, and one of the stories was a man who maced two store clerks and robbed a Gamestop, stealing the almighty Grand Theft Auto IV in the process. Images of the Gamestop were shown, and I thought to myself, "damn, that looks a lot like Mira Mesa," and, you guessed it, it was! Hardcore indeed.

[Source: San Diego 10 News]

In other GTA related news, a man was stabbed while waiting in line for GTA. Now in video game related violence I usually take the opposing side of the media, generally saying that their claims are foolish and that no, the man did not do said crime because of a video game, but I'm going to have to make an exception on this one.

[Source: BBC News]

I've only played a bit of the game so far because I have finals this week and next, but damn, I must say that this shit is damn entertaining. Only a little more than a week to go...must stay focused...


  1. whats the saying, life imitates art?

    robberies and violence in MM, who woulda known?

    Just kidding!

  2. poor guy at least he made it to the 15