Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kristin Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies Sings at Comic-Con

So I'm done with midterms, and while browsing various Myspace's I went to Kengs and saw that he had Somehwere Over The Rainbow as his song. This promptly reminded me of my days at Comic-Con over the summer where Pushing Daisies star Kristin Chenoweth serenaded the crowd out of nowhere with this amazing rendition.

I was in like the 4th row somewhere, simply fantastic. If you're down to see brilliant storytelling, beautiful cinematography, and want to give your ears a gift with more music like this (as well as one of my favorite musical underscores EVER), then watch this show, Pushing Daisies, Wednesday nights at 8:00PM on ABC.

EDIT: There is a very informative article by E Online's Kristin Dos Santos (fellow San Diegan) about the status of Pushing Daisies and what fans can do to save it, good stuff. Read it here.

And if you don't feel like reading an article, this pretty much sums it up.

Yes, this is show business and not show friends.

Yes, multinational corporations tend to favor fat profits over creative indulgences.

And yes, the economy is the tank, so if this world ran on logic alone, ABC would surely chop up Daisies and sell the parts for scrap.

But there is more to life than filthy lucre. I have to believe that the people at Disney-ABC understand the power of enchantment, and that if magic were easy, everyone would do it. The cast and creators of Daisies are making magic and shutting them down would be a travesty at a time when we need all the hope and happiness we can get. Something as unique, beautiful and truly special as Pushing Daisies deserves a second chance.

Do the world a favor and tune in to this show! Tell your friends!

Congratulations Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the conclusion of their postponed Game 5 to win the World Series. I guess for Tampa Bay it was more like...postPWNED right? anyone? Fine then...

Cole Hamels is your World Series MVP. Cole is an alumnus of Rancho Bernardo High School. My brother had the honor of watching him play Mt. Carmel during his high school days. I don't think anyone I watched at Nelson and Alexand's football games became famous, but I did get to watch Aaron bodyslam a motherfucker on his head, and I guess that's better than watching a future World Series MVP.

As much as it pains me to watch another team that's not mine hoist a championship trophy, it's nice to see a city that hasn't won in a while finally get it done because I always think that people will think the same thing if we can somehow win a Super Bowl before the Chargers leave San Diego (joke!).

Philadelphia has only been in a "drought" for 25 years though, so if the sports gods feel something is owed to us, I'm sure it's coming soon! Maybe like Philly, it might come in the form of a World Series Championship.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quick Catch Up

To: Adonis, Lance, Ray
From: Nazer

So I just got my absentee ballot in the mail. It came in a big ass envelope full of reading material as well as the actual ballot. I wish I knew more about the city council candidates and such (I don't get to see all the commercials for these guys, but I do get to see all the negative ads about New England council officials), but I guess it's time to do some homework. It's pretty unreal looking at this stuff, finally voting in a presidential election, just another sign that we've come a long way from sitting inside with nothing to worry about except who we want to main in Smash (oh wait we still do that).

In other news school keeps me pretty busy. Midterm week isn't as heavy as one might think, but writing four parallel lines with proper counterpoint in the form of a fugue isn't exactly everyday material. I love my film classes. We're finally getting to write music to picture, and we do a lot of analysis on film music, really informative. A couple weeks ago Joey Newman, a Berklee grad, came to talk about his experiences so far in LA. He was nominated for an Emmy for his music on "Little People, Big World" and he talked about TV a lot, which was a nice change from looking at film all the time. I've also been dealing a bit with the integration of music into video games, and Berklee actually hired a guy and created classes just this semester for this industry, I can't wait to take some of them.

I spend my free time playing video games and watching television and movies. The Mad Men season finale was a couple of days ago which was really good, and if anyone has been keeping up with Dexter this past weeks episode was seriously insane. My favorite shows of the moment are Pushing Daisies (which is on the verge of cancellation, WATCH THIS SHOW TELL YOUR FRIENDS), Chuck, and Fringe, but I've been watching literally everything else (except the CBS shows), and lots of shows are getting really good as well. 30 Rock premieres this Thursday, can't wait for that, and Top Chef comes in a couple of weeks, so that's just another hour and a half to add to my dedicated TV watching time.

I got Guitar Hero World Tour over the weekend. It's a fun game, and I've only played the guitar stuff, but it EPIC FAILS in comparison to Rock Band. The band interface is terrible, and the worst part is that if one person fails, everyone else fails, so you can't like save your band members or anything, but I'll put up a more in depth look at that later. Fable II was cool, and Gears of War 2 comes out next week, and I want to get a Gamefly account so I can play some of the games I don't want to spend $60 dollars for.

So that sort of sums it up. School, media, drinks, oh and I cook a lot now too, trying to learn and perfect my Moms recipes and stuff, so yeah I guess I'm keeping busy. Till next time.

(Oh and Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix is supposed to come out before the end of this year, and then Street Fighter IV this winter, hella excited)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lazy Mondays: Wallflowering at the club

The Lazy Monday series is a collection of random observations and updates in my life. Things you can guarantee not to expect: quality and cohesion. Also, the other guy's randomness column had 'Monday' in it, so I thought it was a requirement.

- The great thing about Vegas is no two trips are the same. I speak as if I've been there hundreds of times even though I've only been there twice as a 21 year old and a handful of times in my youth.

Either way, not having to wait in line or pay cover at Tryst thanks to Kuya Warren's magic gave way to awkward dances, standing on the wall, and most importantly, a shitload of drinking and fun having. The best part of the weekend though was beaming with pride as I watched my Kuya Virgil graduate from culinary school with Magna Cum Laude honors. I can only hope I make my family as proud as he did two years from now.

- I don't join clubs or organizations unless you give me a title. I'll take 'Activities Commissioner', 'Hall representative', hell, I'll even take 'Staff Writer'. DO NOT WANT: 'Key Club member', 'band member', 'guy who shows up at events but doesn't really do anything'.

With that in mind, say hello to your new Vice President of the Informatics Student Association. The president and I are going to change the world...okay not really, but if you're in Informatics and you're reading this: please please please come to our events. /end begging

- When I study, I like to fuck priorities in the ass. So before starting the study process for my midterm, I chose to instead work on stuff from other classes instead. Why? For no fucking reason, that's why. I guess I look at it like a boxing or wrestling card. Put all the less important stuff first, then the real showdown begins. Hopefully that showdown starts sometime soon.

- The best part of Halloween is all the girls' slutty costumes the smile on the face of children while Trick or Treating.

- The Chargers are not a very good football team. Well did I lay the jinx down in my last Chargers post or what? "Build on this win" my ass. Thank the football gods for the parity in the AFC West and in the rest of the conference. We still have a chance to make a run. But first, someone get our outside linebackers some steroids. Maybe this guy knows where to find em:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mila Kunis Is Awesome

Not to detract from the recent string of serious political posts, but this was just too cool. In her interview on Jimmy Kimmel promoting the movie Max Payne, they go into a tangent about how she plays the oh so dreaded World of Warcraft.

She talks about Vent, being a Mage, being in a Guild, going on raids, the expansion packs, and more. Beautiful woman play video games too, so take this one small moment to be proud and embrace your inner gamer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Prop 8: Don't Hate

Now I'm going to try and do this without sounding super biased, but to be honest it probably will come out that way. In anyway if your opinion contrasts mine i invite you to check me and express your opinion because all opinions are valid. I especially welcome any facts that i might be missing so feel free to remind me of that. Unless intended to maliciously attack me, which will not be well received. Let us remember people that we should try an attack the idea not the person.

Enough disclaimer bs and hand holding on to the good stuff...

The spark:

I woke up this morning and went to church and to my surprise their were multiple signs promoting voting yes on Prop 8, right in front of the doors of the Church. (Voting yes on prop 8 will in a nut shell disallow same sex couples to marry in the state of California.) While I really shouldn't be surprised about how the catholic community feels about gay marriage i was none the less bewildered by all of it. If people want to vote YES on prop 8 i feel that they are entitled to do so. However, when the church gets involved in politics my mental alert goes...WTF! Aside from the whole idea of separation of church and state, i just feel that it is a bit unfair of the church to put these signs up.

How I (emphasis on I) Feel:

Realistically not ALL catholics agree with voting yes, i being one who believes that marriage between same sex couples is all good with me. I sat through mass thinking about this, which in a lot of ways distracts me from what was even going on and what the priest was talking about. I think that for the church to assume that all of its parish believes that gay marriage is wrong is kind of condescending. As if we can't think for ourselves. As i said earlier i am not surprised that the church is in favor of prop 8, but was it so necessary to blatantly put it out there like that. I think that as a catholic i am well aware of what the church views as right and wrong. Why not put up signs of fight the war on terrorism in the name of GOD. Or better yet, abortion related images intended to remind church goers what to believe in. Ok sure Yes on Prop 8 signs aren't that bad, but you get my point. I guess it could be a lot worse, the signs could read vote McCain and Palin. Sorry i had to throw that in there, no offense if you disagree.


The church isn't going to change anytime soon and i really don't expect this to happen either. The reality is that marriage is a patriarchal institution that has been analyzed as being oppressive to women. My honest opinion is fuck marriage it is something that is just socially constructed like race and a lot of time sexuality. However it doesn't mean that the issues surrounding marriage, race and sexuality aren't real. I feel as though the "straight" world can't even get marriage right, even heterosexual catholics fuck up marriage. i.e. divorce, domestic violence, infidelity and so on and so on. So if marriage is so sacred between a man and a women why do they keep fucking it up. Oh am i hitting some nerves, i'm sorry but it is the truth. I am not discounting marriages that do work out i am just bringing out the reality that some if not most do not. It isn't to say either that if the gay community has the right to marry they would do marriage any better. But lets stop fronting like marriage is this sacred thing and we need to protect it from "the gays" because a "breeders" we can't even protect it from ourselves.

At first i was going to apologize for being such a debbie downer lately, but fuck that i shouldn't have to. Although i'll apologize if i hurt any feelings, but shit i can't please everyone. This could go two ways this post will either be ignored or it will spark some interesting conversation. I'm rooting for convo. Oh and before you even think about saying anything ignorant/inappropriate/straight fucked up remember to own what you say because nothings worse than someone who can't backup what they say went it really matters.


Either way you look at it love is a beautiful thing...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nicotine, Fear and Solidarity

To: Lance, Nazer, Adonis and affiliates
From: Just ray

I wasn't sure where to post this, but after reading lance's recent post I felt it made sense to put it here immediately after. I won't pretend as if I know a lot about politics, but in a lot of ways I do keep myself informed of generally whats going on. Quite honestly i don't think i have to flat out say who i will be voting come november. My background alone should give a reasonable answer to the question of "who are you voting for?" That being said, a McCain presidency truly scares me. Especially lately with all the ignorance and pure hatred that is directed towards Obama.

Truth is the stigma towards obama has always been there, news casters and political experts can argue that race has not played a factor in this election. But thats all bull shit, because it clearly has played a large factor at least in my eyes. I wont quite get into all that, but if you want to hear what i think just ask me another time.

What i really would like to get at is the fear that comes full circle all across the board. It is obvious that recent ads about Obama and Ayers clearly instilled fear into blue collar white America. Even watching the video below, where the elderly woman says she has been reading about Obama and he is "an arab" scares the shit out of me. There is kind of a dual reaction i think to all of these things. The fact that people can actually begin to believe that Obama is in fact a terrorist puts chills down my spine. It also just shows the stigma to folks of middle eastern heritage. As if the big bad "arabs" are out to get you. I know what we could do lets tell are children stories that arabs hide in your closet while you sleep and under your bed too!!!

Folks like to talk about the civil rights movement and equality between all people as if everything is all good now. As if after the 60s and 70s we all of a sudden started holding hands and singing a whole new world together. Lets be real for a second folks. Race is an issue as of today so stop acting like it isn't.
I do however give McCain a bit of credit for "defending" Obama. ALthough it was just a bit to late for all of that. Fear and racism have a sort of snowball effect. Picking up every ignorant person along the way and fusing them with stupidity.

The main thing that bothers me really is the fact that everyone seems to put a lot of pressure on Obama. Obama promises change through out his speeches, however even if he were to become president the responsibility doesn't solely rely on him. We as a nation have to take action ourselves. We can't expect him and his administration to carry all the weight. We have to lighten the load and do our parts as well. For fear of getting to carried away and ranting for way to long heres a new piece from your friendly neighborhood poet-

Nicotine, Fear and Solidarity

A lot of people ask
Why it is that I smoke
And I know
That it is a bad habit
That I need to kick

But personally
I’m not quite ready yet,

See while I’m slowly killing
Myself grit after grit

I would rather be inhaling the
Rather than drowning in the

That lingers in the air
And comes and goes like the wind

And can damage your soul
The way earthquakes
Damage the earth
Like some form of
Cruel and unusual

Punishing my future children
For simply being themselves

And I am greatful for every scar
On my skin
Because it reminds me
That I am capable of feeling something

Something rather than being numb
Numb to my senses
Numb to the pain that motivates
Me in every single solitary way

And as my heart grows heavy
I hope for a better day
But the truth is I’m walking towards it,
but every step I take it seems even farther

We fear the unknown
We fear the other
And it has us questioning

Lost human connection
Through conversation
Leave it all up to
text messaging

I hate that even though
My ancestors are island people
I am generalized as being
Chinese or Mexican

The media fuels the flame
Towards chinky eyes
And brown skin

While magazine covers
Encourage our beautiful women
To be thin

While fox news criticizes
A black candidate
On the basis of his name

Quick to jump the gun
Point a finger
And redistribute
The blame

Blame the government
All you want

When universally as a
Whole we could care less
About our health

So fuck those
Who claim their
Down for redistribution
Of wealth

When we as a people
Can hardly organize
And redistribute

When shit goes down
We look to the highest
On the ladder

Instead of standing at the bottom
Looking each other and asking
What the hell really matters?

To afraid to dialogue
With one another,
When we need to
Figure out what’s been
wrong all along

Fighting a war on terror
In the name of god

Muslims against prejudice
all praise due to Allah

Its not that I don’t
support our military troops,
But even more
I support our underprivileged
Illitary youth

Some complain that
We have hardly have classes
Addressing people of color

Even though the support
Is hardly their from my
Sisters and my brothers

While our parents
Only solution
Is to pray for peace

When it seems as though
It becomes so helpless
That God needs to bend his knees
And start fucking praying for me

I am positively
Desperate for
A more positive me

But were too intimidated
Of our potential as a collective
Afraid of what
we could possibly be

We as a people need to
Educate, organize and mobilize
In solidarity

Fuck relying on the few
When what we need
Is many

Fuck mountains out of mole hills
Cuz all we doin’ is digging
Holes we can’t get out of
Because shits too deep

Fuck dodge commercials
Because a ignorant white girl
Told me and my friends
“Go back where you came from
This is my country”

Fuck hiding behind the crosses
We wear around our necks
Because it wont protect us from
The monsters in our sleep

I hope for the day
I can stop worrying
That my children
Will be called,

As they walk down the street

Give me a call when your ready to make a REAL change
Because for now leave me alone and let me smoke my cigarette in PEACE.

-Just Ray

Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain's supporters are not helping the cause

This was just this past Friday. It's somewhat hilarious and somewhat disturbing. Some of the press drew the conclusion that this kind of sentiment from McCain supporters is the result of the recent ads like this one, highlighting Obama's relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

However rooted in truth the ad is, (and I have no doubt that it is indeed quite truthful) the tone of the commercial inspires fear. The kind of fear that causes that embarrassing town hall clip from last Friday.

I understand the campaign is trying to swing voters, and quick snippets that show Obama and terrorism go hand-in-hand may accomplish that. But if you run the rest of your campaign on fear, and attempt to gather the momentum of an angry mob, you might as well can these kinds of rallies and town hall functions where your supporters will make asses of themselves.

I know that a lot of McCain supporters are not like the ones in that CNN video, but at the same time, it's those kinds of people honestly scare the shit out of me.

This election is by far the most fascinating one of our young lifetimes and I was a lot more undecided than most people (hell, it took me two years to declare a major remember?). If any of you guys are still undecided or need that quick rundown of some of the bigger (and not so big) issues, I'll try to have a Candidate Dealmaker/Dealbreaker post by the end of the week.

I feel sorry for whoever sits behind me in class

My new wallpaper:

A very satisfying win, a victory that I finally think we can build on. I think the best part of tonight's game was watching CoolKids favorite, Jamal Williams, tear up New England's offensive line. Our boy looks like he's finally at full strength, and hopefully our defense will be able to revolve around his greatness once again.

At this point, I would like to promise more posts, but I won't because I know they probably won't be coming. Hell, I bet no one reads this anymore, who cares. COCK BALLS SHIT FUCK DOOHICKEY SEX MILF WHORE LOOSEY SKEET SKEET!

[Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Thursday, October 2, 2008


We should have moreno vs. judd BRO OFF!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008