Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mila Kunis Is Awesome

Not to detract from the recent string of serious political posts, but this was just too cool. In her interview on Jimmy Kimmel promoting the movie Max Payne, they go into a tangent about how she plays the oh so dreaded World of Warcraft.

She talks about Vent, being a Mage, being in a Guild, going on raids, the expansion packs, and more. Beautiful woman play video games too, so take this one small moment to be proud and embrace your inner gamer.


  1. after forgetting sarah marshall
    mila kunis +1 A MILLI!
    and she hasnt stopped since.

  2. too bad when i close my eyes and hear her voice, an image of meg is burnt into my mind.

  3. if only she made it out to blizzcon :(

    gg no re