Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our "Comeback" is starting to look more and more like...

I'll chalk it up to everyone being busy...

Ray and friend-of-blog, Oli Bata, are coming up with fresh tracks every Monday as the hip-hop collective, Elevated Masses. Socially conscious lyrics without being pretentious and jazz samples with breezy melodies - music for the people...by the people two guys in a garage.

You can still find Adonis posting on the internets at http://adoniscomplex.tumblr.com/ where he's been featured on Tumblr's sports subpage. After that happened, he refused to acknowledge that he ever wrote here so go ahead and bookmark that address and delete this one.

Nazer hasn't yet joined us hipsters on the Tumblr, but if you haven't already, check out the music page at his website, http://www.nazerlagrimasjr.com/main/music.html. I never knew he added more tracks. Hell, I've been friends with him my whole life and I never even knew he played an instrument.

As for me, I've been doing absolutely nothing. Stay in school, folks...stay as long as you can.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In-N-Out Grand Opening Brings Woman To Tears

This is the kind of local news gold that I'd be posting on my own tumblr if I had one. Former Californian (hell, a Fontanian?) Danielle DeInnocentes sheds tears while stuffing her face at an In-N-Out Grand Opening in Frisco, Texas. We're all ridiculously passionate about food, but this shit is on another level. A quote from DeInnocentes reads as follows:

"I kept saying all night, pinch me, it doesn't feel real. It felt real in there."

FUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH I swear I was about to start crying myself after she said that. She even saved the wrapper! Sigh...I wonder if I'll ever love something that much.

Probably not. But In-N-Out does sound pretty good after all that. In the words of hardcore fatty Gspook, who waited hours in line to be the first customer, "The burger gods have blessed us with an In-N-Out in Texas..."

Amen buddy, amen.

(Story via dallasnews.com)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why stop at your phone and computer when you can have Google in your kitchen

Google had their annual I/O conference today, where they announced more details on their plan for global domination and introduced new digital soldiers to wage war with their mortal enemy, Apple.

For me, a project to integrate Android into household appliances piqued my interest the most. I did research into how technology like this could help homes be more green in college and with Android's share of the market and how far along existing technology for this use already is, the idea seems like it could only be a few years from being affordable and effective.

Energy in the household could be managed efficiently by allowing home owners to manage temperature in their home remotely, appliances could be turned off when not in use, and garage doors would never be left open while no one was home.

While these green benefits sound great, all I could think about was remotely controlling my oven and the possibility of heating up pizza rolls without ever having to leave my computer chair.



All from my cell phone! The future is near and it will be fat.

Android eating Earth photo via: Gizmodo

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tina Fey got whore'd up for a Jersey Shore spoof

And you won't find any complaints here. God I hope I can look this good when I'm 40 and pregnant. I meant, not that I'm a woman or that I want to be pregnant...you know, whatever the guy equivalent of this would be.

Head on over to Warming Glow for the whole sketch from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Needs more rainbow bridges.

"Across the rainbow bridge of Asgard
Where the booming heavens roar
You'll behold the breathless wonder
The God of Thunder,
Mighty Thor!"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apparently, the Coolest Kids in the Room Are Not Extinct

But these guys are.

I had this post all ready to go until recent news forced me to make a modification to the image.

The ABC show, Dinosaurs, premiered 20 years ago last month. And while I was too young to understand any of the jokes, it was also so long ago that I wouldn't be able to tell you if the show was actually funny. Either way, Dinosaurs was a staple in the weekly TGIF lineup that my family would watch together and sitting all of us down together to watch television for the night was the only way to prevent my brother and me from accidentally killing each other during our nightly wrestling matches (worth a whole post on its own).

Anyways, after it was replaced by Step by Step or Boy Meets World or some other white sitcom that I probably watched, it had a series finale on another network that I never watched. And considering how young I was when I watched the show, I'm glad I never saw it because it is fucking grim.

We all know dinosaurs became extinct eventually and the geniuses behind the show decided to end the show with that. The show spares us from an effects-laden disaster sequence and instead gives us this:

a morose monologue from a remorseful father about the end of the world to his family which includes three young children.


[Warming Glow]

Happy Star Wars Day...

...though not an actual holiday by any means. It's not the anniversary of Star Wars, or any important date in the mythology, May 4th is crowned as Star Wars day by many simply because of the damn day of the year. May the 4th Be With You. Man I hate that shit.

Anyways, there was a ton of Star Wars Blu-ray ("Star Wars will never come out on Blu-ray...") info released today, which helps to justify the ridiculousness of that phrase just a bit. Reports from theHDRoom say that each disc will include audio commentary from an all star cast, including sound designer Ben Burtt, which is good for me because I'm obsessed, but there's a lot of other neat stuff as well, including some fan service documentaries covering the madness that is Star Wars.

May the 4th be with you...I cringe just typing it. And even worse, Revenge of the 5th, oh my gahhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I Miss From College - Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

I really miss Dunkin Donuts large caramel mocha iced coffee. Weighing in at 350 calories and 12 grams of fat (if the Nutrition Facts on the Dunkin website are accurate) it's not going to make anyones healthy dietary options list, but this beast of a beverage was a staple in my college years in Boston. It was the perfect compliment to any situation, at any time of the day. Good for the morning caffeine boost, with hangover or without, the "I only have 10 minutes between classes and need something to keep me sane" situation that we all know and love, the "fuck I need to stay awake because I've pushed back my paper till after it was actually due" problem that frequently plagued many a college student, and so much more.

I haven't found anything like it in San Diego. I've tried the local favorites, but really, nothing compares, at all. It's not like I crave or necessarily need a replacement either, but every now and then I most certainly get the itch for a large Dunkin Iced Coffee, and maybe a Boston kreme or chocolate glazed donut on the side (or a pumpkin cake donut if its in season). I guess the memory and this ridiculously exaggerated photo will have to do for now.