Monday, December 31, 2007

The Good, The Bad, And Some Other Shit (Part 1)

With the new year quickly on the way, it's finally that time to review the things that made my 2007 memorable. This is the first of a three part segment in which I'll be laying out my insight on what I thought was good, bad, and a few thoughts on the rest of the shit. So cut the intro, lets get started. We'll start with...


I know that this will sound a bit cynical, but I'm sure most can agree with me when I say that many of the years events and releases didn't exactly change our world for the better or open the door to incredibly influential possibilities. In numerous ways pop culture took a turn in the wrong direction, leaving our generations youth dancing to SoUlJa BoY and watching Zoey 101 get pregnant.

2007 wasn't exactly the best year for mainstream rap music. Actually forget that, 2007 was a shitty year for rap music. Rap CD sales decreased this year for the first time in forever, and our radios, television screens and computer monitors were filled with images of excessive drug inducement and women being portrayed with little to no respect (HELLA ONES is a prime example). Now don't get me wrong, I listened to T-Pain and Akon and said ella just as much as the next person, but I think it's important to know that there is better shit out there if you take the time to look for it.

I know I'm going to get shit for this, but TRANSFORMERS sucked. I'm all for talking robots, hell I even have some Transformer toys in my bedroom, but damn what a stupid movie. Sure it was cool watching cars transform and fight, but that's all I had to see. The movie experience could have been cut down to 10 minutes; watch them transform, stick the cube in his chest, and that'd be it. I didn't have to see them hide behind a house trying to dodge the sight of Shia LaBeoufs on screen parents, or watch the robots piss, but hey, I guess the combination of cars, big fighting robots, and Megan Fox really brings in the cash. I'd rather watch armored polar bears, at least they have a legit storyline.

This season of Heroes was a bust. Tim Kring himself even recognizes the problems, and took a bunch of fan input to try and finish the season better than it started. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. The two mexican characters were such a waste of screen time. I know a few people who thought their special power was running fast because they were trying to cross the boarder, but nooo, their super secret hidden power was tears that kill people. Peter losing his memory, falling in love with the girl that he got to know for like 10 seconds, Hiro spending a majority of the season back in time, Ando chilling at work, Peter Pan, all story points that I could have done without. There was some cool stuff in there though. Mr. Bennet continuing to be the badass that we all love, the stuff with Parkman's dad, Kristen Bell, all very cool, but I think we can all agree when I say that it didn't live up to expectations, especially after so much hype at events like Comic Con. I will admit that it picked up towards the end, with the four months ago episode, and then the season finale that gave our favorite villain Sylar his powers back, so I'll continue to watch, and hopefully they get things together.

Nothing in the fast food world really got my stomach growling and head aching for a trip to Jack In The Box this year. The Sirloin burgers are a pretty fat, grease covered thumbs down, and besides that there wasn't really anything new. McDonalds continued to release Snack Wraps, Wendy's got a 99 cent chicken sandwich, Jack and McD's released breakfast burritos, but that just leaves the rest of us underwhelmed, so we once again take a trip to Cotijas for an awesome hashbrown burrito. Nothing has really shaken up my fast food taste since Carls Jr's Six Dollar Burger, but we'll see what these billion dollar companies can come up with next year.

There's a ton of things I left out; a boring KT Tunstall release, a Feist CD that didn't exactly impress the world, Floyd's favorite High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens having her naked photo leaked, media devoting all their attention to Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton, aka shit we don't care about, and much more, but that's where you, the readers come in. What were some of your 2007 busts? What left your bright minds blackened, what left your hunger lingering, what did you ache more for, write a comment and let us know.

Look forward to THE GOOD in the next week or so.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tina Fey is TOP TIER

I was disgustingly under the weather for this past week, which unfortunately spoiled my Christmas and the days after, resulting in a fun-filled schedule of downing Nyquil, hibernating, and being terrified of sunlight. On the bright side of things, being horribly sick allowed me to catch up on some of my favorite T.V. shows and check out those I’ve missed out on.

Namely, this meant a heavy dose of watching Saved by the Bell DVD’s – gotta take notes from the original pimp, Zack Morris, of course – checking out episodes of The Office – I don’t know about the hour long ones, its just a burnout – and re-watching season 3 of Entourage on HBO – still my favorite “guy” show.

If you’ve been deprived of quality entertainment, I recommend watching any of these shows in any form, BUT, to save most of your energy for one show in particular, that being NBC’s relatively new comedy, 30 ROCK.

Thanks to 30 Rock, I truly believe I’ve found the new love of my life in the show’s creator, producer, lead actress and writer… TINA FEY.

my wifey.

Yeah, that’s a weird wedding dress pic from the show, but damn, she’s beautiful. She’s smart, talented, attractive, has a great sense of humor and distinguished resume, and even better, she’s apparently a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan. I bet in high school she gave all the nerds in her class G.P.A. boners. In sum, the lovely Tina Fey is definitely top tier. And my new wifey.

Really though, 30 Rock is a genuinely funny show worth watching. The series basically revolves around Fey’s character Liz Lemon in a sort of behind-the-scenes setting, as she attempts to manage an insane cast & crew of an SNL-like show, such as her boss Jack Donaghy played by Alec Baldwin, who is also fuckin’ hilarious (like his acting in The Departed, also good shit). As mentioned in an earlier post by nazer, both Fey and Baldwin were up for awards at the 2007 Golden Globes, but all other nominations aside, 30 Rock took home the gold, wining out in the category of “Outstanding Comedy Series.”

Ironically, its great how I coincided my interest in the show with the WGA Writers Strike, so I pretty much just screwed myself over now that I’m dieing for new episodes. Fuck.

State of the Union Address

First and foremost, I would like to thank you if you've still been checking this site regularly while the bloggers have been on our Holiday vacations. Entries have been sporadic at best (big ups to Adonis, Nazer, and Ray for putting up something new at least once during their time off) but I promise that this is the start of new content coming in regularly again. There will likely be dry spells and contrarily, huge bukkake-like bursts of content during certain stretches, and these will likely coincide with the ebb and flow of our school year.

Anyways, the four of us started this blog less than a month ago, and since its inception, I've received a lot of great feedback on everyone's entries. Even if this thing were to die next week, I can say I've been proud to be a part of this.

To the readers, please comment when you feel inclined to do so. If not, then I don't care if we're the only ones commenting on each other's shit.

To my fellow bloggers, keep doing what you're doing, remember that there's no rules, and I don't give a shit if you want to post 4 entries in one day.

There's much to look forward to the next couple days and way into 2008, so stay tuned bitches!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Learn To Fly

With projects finished and finals over with, I'm flying home to San Diego for the holidays. In San Diego I plan on spending time with family and friends, eating a grip of food, and just soaking in the west coast vibe and beautiful weather. I'm flying jetBlue (flight # 411 if you wanna track it) and I'll arrive at 8pm tonight. "It'll be nice working with proper villains again," see you guys later

Thursday, December 20, 2007

your political STARTER KIT!!

You'll be seeing this guy's face less and less.

Yeah, yeah, even though the primaries aren’t taking place for several more months and the actual presidential election isn’t for another year, I felt it was a suitable time for an update on all the oh-so exciting political action so far, especially with the remaining plausible candidates narrowing down or getting weeded out.

Sadly, I do admit; I guess I consider myself a political junkie, cursed with a fascination for politics and law and all that other “crap” that probably isn’t all-too attractive for a guy my age. Still, the process, the issues, the laws, and all the other-related crap interest me.

Regardless of any sort of interest, I still believe that it’s important for even us “kids” to be socially aware, to be knowledgeable, and to be conscious about what’s going on in the world. It’s arguable though, that our little San Diego bubble is distant from the subject matter – and in a realistic perspective, we could care less.

However, to deny the enormous impact the new President will have in our daily lives, and how his (or her..) administration’s decisions will trickle down and affect us in one way or another, is simply being borderline ignorant. Or at the very least, at least know that there will soon be a new President.

While trying to be as non-subjective as possible, here’s a few of the front-runners (note: this could obviously change) that are the favorites to replace George Bush and his 8-year reign. No doubt, their faces will plague your television, the internet, and will continue to haunt you as election day draws closer.

The Democrats:

Hillary Clinton.

Obviously, if you’re not ready for a woman to hold possibly the most powerful position on Earth, or if you’re simply a male-chauvinistic pig like A.C Slater, then Hillary isn’t for you.

She is well qualified regardless, and albeit her political career is full of controversy, she is the current favorite to carry off with the Democratic nomination, although she faces a difficult uphill battle to make it to the White House. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a woman in power, and females already hold an enormous power over guys anyhow, so nothing new… As a bonus, Hillary is basically a 2-for-1 deal, with former President Bill Clinton also by her side as the First Lady..Man..Husband.. or something. (If your memory if vague, just try and remember how happy you were growing up and how things were in the 90’s.)

Or, you could just watch this Family Guy clip for some help.

Barack Obama.

Obviously, if you’re a Neo-Nazi or in the KKK, or for some reason just don’t like black people, then Obama isn’t for you. And no, that's not Obama in the picture, but his hottie-sidekick, Obama Girl, who was featured in a popular youtube video in support of him, complete with a catchy tune.

Its important to note that while he’s identified as African-American, he is also considered not African-American at the same time. Confusing?? Look at it like this; his father is an African immigrant, his mother is white, and he didn’t exactly grow up somewhere like in Atlanta doing the A-town stomp. I think of him as if Tiger Woods ran for office. Nevertheless, he’s a likable guy, represents progression, and would fair well in international relations, especially in the Middle-East. Plus, he has hotties like Obama Girl backing him up. Good deal.

The Republicans:

Mike Huckabee.

To sum it up, this guy has been lights-out so far, becoming more and more popular with conservatives, and one of the top favorites for the Republican nomination or as a perfect running-mate for Vice-President. Opponents are desperately trying to find dirt on the guy or waiting for him to fuck-up soon. He’s charming, has personality, and actually has a sense of humor that is desperately needed.

Hell, even Chuck Norris openly endorses the guy. Now that’s cool.

“Chuck Norris doesn't breathe.. he holds air hostage.”

Rudy Giuliani.

Dubbed “America’s Mayor,” and if I’m not mistaken, Giuliani is the leading front-runner to win the Republican nomination according to the latest polls. On a strategic standpoint, Giuliani is the best hand for the Republicans to play – his moderate to liberal viewpoints, his similarities with Democrats on certain issues, and his reputable history of being mayor of New York City, would effectively split the Democratic vote, giving an edge to the Republicans if things get decisively tight.

Sadly, he is an evil Yankees fan, and an unfaithful one at best according to this clip, though he covers himself here pretty well.

There are other potential Presidential nominees for the Republicans and Democrats, respectively, which ive failed to mention, including Mitt Romney, John McCain, and John Edwards, and many others who probably won't make the cut in the long run. Oh well.

On a side note, its important to remember that while personality is an important aspect to look at, its the issues, (yeah right who really does that) and how each candidate puts their take on it, which should take precedent over everything else. (ideally) So whatever matters to you - focus on that, and cross your fingers and hope that these candidates keep their promises. (HAH!)


Sunday, December 16, 2007

And The Nominees Are...

The Golden Globe nominations were given out this week, and overall I'm pleased by the picks.

)Nomination lists can be found here)

I'm going to focus on TV because I'm too poor to comment on the movie nominations.

For best TV drama it's exciting to see Damages and Mad Men on that list. These shows premiered in the summer, and they really are amazing dramas. With Big Love and House on that list as well, it's going to be interesting to see who gets the award (at least until the Emmys).

Along with those shows, Joe Hamm really earned that nomination. His role as Donald Draper in Mad Men is done so well, and I really hope that these nominations help AMC put more faith into their show. Michael C. Hall also makes an appearance on that list for his role in Dexter, a condo favorite, so that's pretty awesome as well.

On the female side I have to give praise to Glenn Close on Damages. If you haven't seen an episode of this show, you should really check it out, and Glenn Close really keeps you guessing on her motives the entire episode.

Under best comedy 30 Rock makes an appearance. I'll say it now and I'll argue with it anytime, but this show rocks the shit out of The Office. The writing is brilliant, the characters are hilarious, and the show is actually funny. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are nominated under best Actress and best Actor, well deserved. Also on that list is my favorite fall series Pushing Daisies, with Lee Pace and Anna Friel both receiving acting nominations.

In my opinion there are a few snubs. I believe that Lost should have deserved some love, even with it's slow season opening, actors like Elizabeth Mitchell and our favorite box company employee Locke, played by Terry O'Quinn really excelled in their craft this season. I also would have liked to see Weeds over Californication in the comedy category, and I can honestly say that my love for Grey's Anatomy has slowly depleted over the past year. Under the supporting categories I would have loved to see Chi McBride and Kristin Chenoweth for their roles on Daisies because their inclusion in the show really keeps it moving.

The thing to focus on here though is the love that the freshman shows are getting. It's fantastic to see that brand new shows like Mad Men, Damages, and Pushing Daisies are really being recognized, thus upping the chance for more episodes. So overall I'd say that it's a pretty good list, in the movies side as well but I haven't seen them all so I won't really comment, and yeah this is just the peak of awards season, so we'll see what happens in the future.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report underwhelms like Padres offense without blacks or the mexican

Today was supposed to be an historically significant day in the sport of baseball. Instead, it simply reminded me of why this sport is relatively low on the tier of my fan priorities. Baseball couldn't even make its biggest scandal interesting.

The Michael Vick story for the NFL was worth my attention span. The ending was unsurprising, yet still fascinating. The great climax to the whole saga took place a couple days ago when Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison. One of the most dynamically talented athletes ever in the world of professional sports will likely never be able to resume his career as it was before. Overall when you look at this story, it's stunning.

The Tim Donaghy referee scandal in the NBA was worth my time as well. It was everyone's worst fear, that a ref would be affecting the game to serve other interests like gambling. The great hook in this one? Check out the youtube video of Game 3 from the Spurs-Suns series where "questionable" can only begin to describe Donaghy's calls.

And so yesterday's Mitchell report was supposed to be the coup de grace in MLB infamous steroid scandal. Barry Bonds' federal indictment was merely an appetizer to what culminated in years of anticipation fo this report.

Instead we learn nothing that we haven't already known or suspected. The big name drop was Roger Clemens. But really, is anyone surprised that he was using steroids? Everyone suspected it already, right? Is it realistically natural for a 40-year-old to be pitching lights out, Cy Young quality seasons?

To the baseball community, please let this thing go. Testing is in place now, we can't go back and change what happened 10 years ago. No one is going to stop buying tickets because of this, and it's not like we can get a fucking refund from watching the Mark McGwire's, Barry Bonds's, and Ken Caminiti's of yester-year.

Change of Scenery

This was taken today while walking to class.

Boston is getting about 6 inches of snow today, and it really is a sight to see. Fresh snow flakes were falling onto hoods of cars, roofs of buildings, heads of hair, leaving a blanket of fresh powder on them.

Time to run around in it, peace

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why Hip Hop is Underfire

When one is to lazy to write a long post just post stupid videos.

That wasn't degrading to women at all. NOT AT ALL.

Wait i didn't catch it whats this song called again?

oh yea "hella ones" wasn't sure at first

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fuck You, Do Me

Fuckin Padres man. Apparently we were one of the last 2 teams in the running to get Japanese stud OF Kaisuke FUKUDOME. Of course the Padres dropped the ball again with a free agent and hes getting shipped off to the Cubs. Looks like we can look forward to another season of the whole "fuck offense, let our pitchers do all the work" mentality.

time to get into that CHRISTMAS spirit...

Since we live in season-deprived San Diego, most of us never had to suffer through blizzards, shoveling snow, raking leaves, or having to root for hockey; in sum, a lot of us don't even know what the hell snow is in the first place. Unfortunately, since we'll never get the opportunity to experience the giddy-ass feeling of waking up one morning and seeing snow falling through your window, its sometimes difficult to determine or to get that wake up call that CHRISTMAS, yep, good ole' Christmas, is just around the corner.

Fear not, they're other ways to help you get into that holiday-mood and realize that its finally time to get those gifts you've been procrastinating to buy. One of my favorite indicators is simply on the radio, or mainly, the fact that stations tend to start playing all that wonderful, catchy, Christmas-related themed music, 24/7.

Damn, there’s no better way to get into that Christmas spirit than listening to xmas jams. Really, who can resist listening to Sleigh Ride, Last Christmas, or Boyz II Men’s – Let it Snow. (Of course, I’m ignoring the fact that all those non-Americans & non-Christians could probably care less about Santa’s fatass.) Nonetheless, if there's one thing to love about the Christmas season, it definitely has to be the music.

Recently however, as I was driving, blasting KxKy 96.5 and singing along to my old favorite, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, it came to my attention to how fucked up, or more specifically, how ridiculous Rudolph’s situation is with his supposed reindeer homies in the North Pole.

"Sorry Rudolph, but you're a loser."

With a closer look at the lyrics, it seems that the ONLY reason that Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen, and all those other fuckers even like Rudolph in the first place is simply because lovable reindeer-pimp Santa Claus suddenly takes a liking towards him. “Then all the reindeer loved him…” Fuck that, Dancer and Prancer are full of SHIT. One second they’re playing too-cool and hatin’ on poor Rudolph, then all of a sudden they’re sucking his d***.

Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe the lyrics are intentional, and instead, supposed to be some sort of eye-opening criticism on our society today, pointing at the fact that we still continue to discriminate and prey on the little guy. Sadly, Rudolph could essentially be that kid in high school that everyone made fun of...

Ex: Roughly, the human equivalent of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Regardless, I’m not trying to boycott the song or anything like that, but rather, it brings to my attention on how some of us fail to realize the content of the songs (or any kind of art/media outlet) we enjoy listening to. Take the Mother Goose example for instance; they teach us her nursery rhymes in kindergarten, but have you realized how twisted and perverted a lot of her crap is? Just look at Three Blind Mice – now that’s some sick, violent, fucked-up shit.

While I can’t disagree with the concept that musical lyrics are often times supposed to be interpretive, in some instances there's no sort of ambiguity. For example, take the popular criticism of mainstream rap music that’s always mentioned – most of its content is derogatory and disrespectful to women, (Chris Rock makes a valid point about this, with "PUT A DICK IN HER EAR!!") yet females who act "ladylike” and demand for respect and for guys to be gentlemen, still LOVEEE to dance and shake their asses to this shit.

Nothing wrong with that either - Really, its all for fun, and I for one see the fun in dancing, in spite of the criticism. So please ladies, dance away. Hell, if there’s anything better than singing along to xmas jams, it has to be dancing to Lil Jon/Too Short – Shake that Monkey! and having a girl grind up on you.

Good luck on finals everyone, Christmas is almost here.


I could use some of THIS during finals week

Most of you have probably seen this already but I don't care. This video makes me wannna buy some monsters or amps and get loaded off that shit but then I'll probably get the BG's and get even less studying done.

Speaking of the BG's, I apologize to Jay and to the big white guy on my other side during the In4MatX (it's realy abbreviated that way) 111 final. Those sounds were probably very distracting to you, and trust me, they were just as uncomfortable for me. God, I felt like I was gonna explode. My stomach felt like a hot dog in the microwave that was about to blow up because it's been cooking too long.

I could've gotten an A in that class, but if it doesn't end up happening, blame the Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan Panini.

Which, by the way, is probably my least favorite of the Lean Cuisine Panini selection, though pretty good on its own merits. I will be sure to put something else down on my dad's commissary list next week. Something like this old standard:

These things don't even taste like pizza but I swear by their addictive goodness and so do many other Lance house veterans.

Shoot me a comment about your favorite frozen snack so I have something for my stomach to dream (I was gonna put "masturbate to" but I guess 3 in a row would've been too much) about while I study.

On That Serious Tip: Outrage

Disclaimer:This Post is gonna be long so bare with me its important

If you know me well enough, you would know that I'm proud as shiet of who I am and where I come from. I also consider myself someone who believes in working towards social change. I just want to say I take offense to those that can ask questions that are deep and expect a simple and short response. I also am frustrated with people that are fearless in their ignorance. For example, a article located on the North County Times website stresses the importance of student organizations and praises these student organizations for their ability to actually take part in social conscious events. "Since 1991, at least 200 clubs have been created only to fall off the university's roster, according to Berhane."(North County Times) All i have to say is that is progression at its best. Sadly with every positive their has to be some kind of negative. The website gives a chance for readers to leave comments on the article, one comment from someone named GREG stated,

"Wow, a hip-hop club? How about the G3 Association, like 'Getting Good Grades' association? How about a 'Community Service Association' where students work on community service projects? Too many self-serving, racist clubs and not enough clubs that promote unity and community togetherness."
"I guess it's a figment of my imagination the foothold groups like MEChA, NCLR, along with other racist groups have on CSUSM. And now with the Asian Pacific Student Society, Black Student Union, Middle Eastern Association, Oaxaca Student Organization, Vietnamese-American Student Association, I guess the members of these so-called associations can all hang out with their own kind. The university experience should be about learning a marketable skill, not more of the culture you came from or belong to."

This definitely has to be ignorance at its best......
If you wanna read the full article visit this link

So since I'm all riled up and in a radical kind of mood right now, I decided to write a new spoken word piece that I'll hopefully memorize soon and get spittin.

Outrage: Response To a Question

Ask me the question of who I am?
At first I respond not, providing no
answer to questions
That ask for answers deeper than
the procedure of finding myself.

As if my culture
was really so simple,

That it could
So simply,

be described.

I only speak truth
So I subtract the lies
While popular culture, continues
To Divide
And Deny

My people.

Whether your ripley and believe it or not,
If you resemble a bit of my physical features,
Then you should know
We were born into adversity

Living in a world where
skin n bones
is considered attractive

Where going out to house parties
Is considered active

Where despite the lack of color pigment
White is privileged,
And brown and yellow
is expected to be passive

Idolizing the Pac Man
For his south paw
Only respected for his ability
To throw a fist, But

ignore and disassociate
Ourselves with those that
Call for social change

critique them and say,
“Say they just thrown fits”

Better to knock down ignorance,
Than to use violence as a means
To educate

Our people who can claim Mabuhay
But make jokes
and poke fun about our own

I myself choose to hold close to me
My history and my culture
You could almost call it an embrace

But less tight for fear of becoming
To close to one way of thinking

Privately wishing,
I grew up in a world
That didn’t force me into outrage
On issues of Oppression due to race

Living in a world where we admire
The hills

wish we could swim,
In Laguna beaches

Where hate
Does not have to be loud
sometimes a whisper

so quite and subtle at times
we fail to acknowledge the deception

Most of us are speechless
And would be like Korean shop owners
And mind our business

I fight with words,
That ring loud in eardrums
That beat like tribal war drums

So that my people cannot ignore
What hurts more


A physical abrasion
More painful Is the truth
that I’m relaying

As We,
taste the tears
Tears of women so salty
And so deep
They remind us of the Pacific Ocean.

Tears shed by wives
For the loss,
Of WW2 soldiers
they called them husbands

While We call the women

Fast forward to the present
Tears still shed this time by
The husbands and their children

And we call the men

Yet their bravery and valor in war
Goes unacknowledged
Refusing to pay their pensions

While presidential candidates
Debate Multiple issues
Yet in no way,
has Obama or Clinton
Ever chose to mention

We call it discrimination

And we have the audacity
As a nation
To separate a day for soldiers
Like our Lolo’s

We call them veterans
Better yet veteranos

Except minus the equity
and less divided

So ask me the question
A question so broad it gives me a Migraine

Better to ask what I know
And my answer will be lengthy
As well as rather draining

But ask me who I am?

My answer will be just as broad
And subject to interpretation

If you want to know who I am
I’ll say look past me, I mean really look

At the land fertilized by
blood sweat and tears
Look directly towards my ancestors

Although at times we as a people
Turn our backs on our homeland

Magandang Pilipinas

Our souls and our hearts
have never left her.


sorry no jokes tonight I'm on that serious tip....

Just Ray

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ohh Mahh Gahhh

So to bring the readers out of the madness of the previous few posts, here's this.

This my friends is the almight PIZOOKIE, the seemingly unavoidable dessert at BJ's (or as Jordan likes to call it, B and J's) Restaurant in San Diego. I came across this photo while working on one of my projects, and after seeing it I was left with my mind collapsed and stomach aching for food. That got me thinking about food in Boston. Everywhere you go, you can easily find one of three things; a dunkin donuts, a pizza place, or a sandwich shop. The fast food market consists of McDonalds and Wendy's (and Burger King I guess, but that's not even worth mentioning), and for those eager to make a fat dent in their bank accounts, there's a huge assortment of touristy fine dining restaurants. After a year in Boston, I've found a few special gems that I enjoy. Viet sandwiches and pho in Chinatown, falafel and hummus sandwiches at Falafel King or Cafe Jaffa, cheap indian lunch buffets, and a couple pizza shops that really excel at their craft. But in the end, nothing compares to the addictive and almighty Carne Asada Chips. Nothing compares to the deep dish goodness of BJs and their mouth watering Pizookie. Nothing even really compares to the simplicity and tastiness that is In n Out. So if anyone is wondering why I eat out so much when I'm in San Diego, the reason is simple. It's because good food that you grow up eating is so hard to come by (try finding lumpia in a city dominated by fat, wing eating patriots/red sox fans), so take advantage of everything in your home town because when you move away you'll end up like me, making ridiculous blog posts about food when I should be studying or something.

Cool guys wear a Formality shirt

It looks like this quarter will be the first time I fail a class (or two). I'm bummed, but it's not the end of my academic career. My parents will probably overreact though and threaten to move me back to SD or come to Irvine and take away all my distractions. This will probably result in me running to my room to cry into my pillow and tell them with all of the dignity of a 14-year-old girl, "You can't do that, you're not the boss of me!"

On a brighter note, sorely missed 198 roommate, and avid CoolKidsRoom reader, Melody Cruz, is coming back home tomorrow! I don't know if you guys have noticed but ever since she left, we went fuckin bonkers at the apartment. HDTV, digital cable, liquor bottle display, LT fathead, monday night naked time...I don't know if any of these things would've made it past her voice of reason. Still, we all can't wait for her to come back, it just hasn't been the same the past couple months. It's somewhat bittersweet for me though, I have to start planning my masturbation schedule a little more carefully with one more roommate to account for.

I've ended the last two posts with jackoff jokes...I'm on a roll. One of you guys need to post today and return some dignity to this blog.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chargers survive against overweight running back

Things don't look good when this fatass is running all over your defense.

Nonetheless, the resilient San Diego Chargers bounced back after being down two touchdowns in the 4th quarter to take the win from Tennessee in overtime 23-17. Good thing I DVR'd this game, so I can masturbate to its comeback goodness all week long.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hi, would you like a breadstick while your waiting?

I've probably said that shiet like a MILLION TIMES.
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"We hire the best and the brightest people who have a Passion for the restaurant industry, have proven Excellence in work performance, like to have Fun and want to be a part of a world class Family! At Pat & Oscar's our focus is on Family, Fun, Passion and Excellence."


To bad we hire freakin creepsters now.

Sorry if i don't have anything really socially aware to talk about, but your just gonna have to live with it. I decided to compile a list of 5 reasons NOT to come into Pat & Oscars.

1. BG's(baby gangsters) flock to Pat & Oscars, sorry kids theirs no street cred mixed into our breadsticks.
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2. This guy has been working at Oscars for 3+ years
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3. number 1 and 2 might actually be brothers

4. Those new cups plastic cups we give you are probably not clean

5. This creepy looking guy eats their a lot and apparently has some kind of connection to number 2
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But if you do come in and i happen to be bussing make sure to leave a tip....

-just ray

Where Are My New TV Episodes?

Recently, people have been asking me about the current strike of the WGA (Writers Guild of America).

To sum it up, the strike is about the lack of residuals in DVD sales and new media, meaning online streaming of video productions. In other guilds and places like the music industry, you are payed royalties every time your work is being played somewhere. So if a band or musician has a song in a movie, they receive residuals based on how the many times the song is used. This gives the creator of the piece of work a share of the profit, and it gives them credit for inventing that work of art. What the writers are fighting for is that same deal. Currently, writers of your favorite motion picture and television shows are not getting paid for their work in a proper fashion. They receive an extremely small amount of profit from DVD sales, and absolutely NO MONEY for new media.

So why doesn't the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) just pay the writers? That's a question that we're all asking, but the AMPTP says that there is no money in new media. They say that the streaming of online video is promotional, and that they make no profit off of it, even though we're forced to watch 30 second ads when watching Heroes on

So there's no money in new media? That's not what they said months ago, before the strike. This clip helps to explain.

So eventually when our television screens broadcast off the internet, at this point, writers won't be payed a cent for it. The writers are fighting for their futures, and with new media growing so rapidly, they're just fighting for their fair share.

This strike affects me because as you all know I'm a strong follower of entertainment, particularly in television. With writers on strike, no new episodes air, but people on set like hair dressers, costume designers, film crews, set artists, none of these people get payed either. If I didn't want a career music, I would try and work my way into media production or media journalism, so that's why I'm keeping such a close eye on the subject. And when it comes down to it, the writers are the creative backbone behind all of your favorite movies and television shows, so what they're fighting for is absolutely justified, and they deserve so much more credit.

For more detailed descriptions on the writers strike and up to date coverage, please visit

Top 5 Cartoon Characters with Gay Tendencies Who Need Pants

5. Aforementioned D.A.R.E. Lion guy
The D.A.R.E. lion gets to be last because after all, he is the KING of the jungle. This pose is not too hetero though. Resting an arm on your hips is never acceptable for a man. And he could still use some jeans.

4. Alvin the Chipmunk
Alvin has a high pitched voice and he likes to sing. He is near the bottom on this list because apparently he has enough fupa to cover up his private parts.

3. Winnie the Pooh
Pooh also seems to have adequate fupa, but this shirt barely covers his tits. He also appears to be dreaming lustfully of Christopher Robin in this picture.

2. Donald Duck
God, this outfit is something that the Village People would wear.

1. Porky the Pig
The bow tie says it all. My question is how does it look like he's wearing a shirt under his jacket sleeve. Is he also wearing some sort of dress shirt/vest? I'm sure it has ruffles on it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nilaga and patis kick ass

So as i'm doing research and eating my Nilaga and 2 things come to mind. ONE My nilaga doesn't have enough patis and TWO i wonder what the coolest kids in the room are talking about.

**This is mainly gonna be in response to adonis' recent post

I just cant stress enough the need for political correctness. Using words like gay in a negative connotation is just not right. Besides i dont want the LGBT community to hassle me. But for the sake of being funny the next few comments are gonna be lacking any kind of political correctness. For example:

If i was still a kid a talking lion that talked about NOT doing drugs would be a automatic turn off. He's not exactly someone i would want to have imaginary adventures with.
However, these kats i would be down for all the way.

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It's not to say that the D.A.R.E. lion is gay. Lets just say if the swat kats jumped him it would possibly be a hate crime.

Reality of it is D.A.R.E. didn't really work out for me i think maybe Alice in Wonderland appealed to me way to much. I mean could you blame me?

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look at this guy man would you rather hang out with the caterpillar that just sits around all day on a shroom, smokes, and mac's on white girls as they walk by

or this lil hater/cock block
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I think i proved my point.
Moral of the story is Smoking is cool...until you start realizing you spend around 80 dollars a month

Oh and maybe kids would remember to stick to their D.A.R.E. promise if the lion had a gun and shot all the drug addicts dead. Then i wouldn't succomb to the dark side.

Pinoy Doesn't Stop Believing

I like Journey. I like Filipinos. So the combination had to come out good.

That's Arnel Pineda from Quezon City, PI. He was recently named the new lead singer of Journey, which continues to tour and perform despite numerous lineup changes throughout the years.

Pineda used to play in a cover band that toured Asia called The Zoo, and this video is from one of their performances. Go ahead and YouTube the rest of their covers, they're pretty dope.


The D.A.R.E. program is pathetic.

Holy shit, that lion is just plain gay.

With finals coming up and finding myself living nocturnally this week and taking frequent smoke breaks to supposedly "ease" all the stress, its come to my attention that the D.A.R.E. program is simply a joke. Save for those strong willed individuals who’ve resisted temptation for this long, I’m pretty damn sure everyone in my 5th grade class has succumbed to some sort of addicting drug by now, whether it be trying alch, grits, bud, crack, caffeine, w/e. Unfortunately for me, I’ve found a bad habit in smoking cigarettes. (Don’t worry I’m quitting soon.)

What’s even more ridiculous – correct me if I’m wrong - but I remember signing some contract/agreement bullshit laying out the terms that I, Adonis, WILL NEVER DO DRUGS. the fuck… HAH, that worked out just fine.

My homie Jordan enjoys rocking his 5th grade D.A.R.E. t-shirt every now and then, which got me thinking on how this worthless program can be improved, even with a complete overhaul in philosophy. Besides, if the program cant even prevent drug abuse for happy little kids growing up in Sunni PQ, imagine how pathetic it probably is at a school like GOMPERS. What a shame.

Rather, my theory is to make the program’s content more reasonable and focus on things that are much more practical to kids. Who cares about health issues, cancer, black lungs, advanced aging, or showing videos of old women with holes in their throats anyway? Lets not scare the kids damnit, D.A.R.E. needs to keep it real. Let us take cigarettes for example; fuck lung cancer, here are a few things that Officer Bill fails to mention when teaching his class of future druggies.

So buddy, you think smoking cigarettes is cool?
Smoking is bad because:
1. The stress of not having cigarettes.
2. The stress of not having a lighter to smoke your cigarettes.
3. The stress of not having both a cigarette to smoke and a lighter handy, forcing you to bum.
4. Bumming makes you a scrub.
5. You stink.
6. You attempt to cover up your stinkiness in a shower of AXE, only making you stink even more.
7. You can start a wildfire, those really suck.
8. Random gag reflex also sucks.
9. When smoking, your light sometimes burns out but you don’t notice and continue to take a hit anyway, resulting in a disgusting cold-draft that makes you want to yak.
10. You’ll sometimes have nasty shits. (Coffee & Grits, aka the Breakfast of Champions = dunzo)

I’m pretty sure there are other nuisances, but nevertheless, I am a firm believer that a similar list and the possibility of having nasty shits will discourage kids moreso than mentioning mere lung cancer.


Street Fighter 4?!

Two words: nerd boner.

Link: Kotaku: Street Fighter IV First Screenshot.

keeeeep it goin'...

I admit... I enjoy reading and reading quality blogs in particular, and I also miss column writing and just plain writing in general (fuckin' college essays don’t cut it). I've been deprived of the latter for over two years now, so in all livelihood this project should be sufficient enough to cater to both of these needs. So far I like what I see, but really, a collaboration of the great minds of Lance, Ray, Nazer, Adonis, (and someone else?? TBA) is simply UNSTOPPABLE.

Anyways, introductions aside, I felt it was appropriate to mention that tomorrow, Dec. 7, one of the greatest movies probably since Mosquito Man, premieres in theaters. Yeah, that’s right, you’re probably been just as antsy, which means it can only be….



Damn, there's nothing more badass than an armored polar bear. The movie stars some no-name child actress, James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, the slutty Nicole Kidman, and did I mention badass armored polar bears. All in all, this cast only means a one thing – a recipe for guaranteed success.

Ignoring the fact that its based off a pansy children’s book, (Hey, Harry Potter was meant for kids, but shit, he gets all the girls now) THE GOLDEN COMPASS is sure to be your moneys worth. Be sure to ignore any reviews you might come across – the critics at gave it an abysmal 39%. (These same douchebags gave THE MARINE starring JOHN CENA, yes, fuckin’ John Cena, only a 21%, so fuck them.) Instead, base your judgment on the fact that the movie features badass armored polar bears in action. Till then, I will see you at Edwards.


First IMAGE MACRO ever!

An image macro is a funny picture with another equally funny caption super-imposed on it. They've been made famous by the SomethingAwful forums, which has funny cats and shit, and , one of my favorite football blogs.

With explaination and due credit for inspiration over with, I now promise to try to never use a nerdy ass internet term like IMAGE MACRO again.

Keepin' the ball rollin'...

To me, this is a place to throw in my spin on things. Things like movie or television episode reviews, thoughts on certain songs, views on current events, but media aside it's also a place to express myself on the most random of events or shit that's just bugging the hell out of me.

What's funny about this is the people that would actually be reading it are writing in it, but lets hope that with our powers combined we can pull in at least a couple people to read whatever emerges from this. A recent goal of mine has been to stay committed to my blogs, so lets hope we can keep this up, at least until the new year.

If you want to know about what's going on in my personal life, read my other blog
* Updated on a weekly basis

I don't think I'm on youtube anywhere (marching band videos don't count), so here's this.

Just Ray's 2 cents in

Lemme get my lil plug-in
If you wanna read about even more bull shiet read that shiet

Anyways, you thought that all your favorite forms of entertainment were through with the writers strike and all, but fear not. The greatest writers of all time have banned together against the writers strike.

I personally have this feeling in my gut that it'll probably just be me and lance in on this for about all of winter break then it will just die.

In case that happens go to:

In the mean time watch lances video and watch this one as well:

I know its hard to see, but i still think its funny

For all of those who have restlessly waited 6 long months...

Yes, all 5 of you...I'm back to blog. And it's not the same as last time, this time it's a team effort.

You can say that it'll be half comedy, half artistic, but ALL MANLY.

Or it's part sports, part fatass, part music, part random, part newspaper, part video games, part movies, part pizza roll, part poetry, part dance, part japanese, part filipino (mostly filipino), part truth, part fiction, but most importantly, it'll be ALL GOOD.

Nothing is off-limits, which means this blog will probably get shut down in a few months due to drama.

Comments are encouraged, you guys have to keep this thing alive. Leave one about this video. Especially that 1:16 mark.