Monday, December 31, 2007

The Good, The Bad, And Some Other Shit (Part 1)

With the new year quickly on the way, it's finally that time to review the things that made my 2007 memorable. This is the first of a three part segment in which I'll be laying out my insight on what I thought was good, bad, and a few thoughts on the rest of the shit. So cut the intro, lets get started. We'll start with...


I know that this will sound a bit cynical, but I'm sure most can agree with me when I say that many of the years events and releases didn't exactly change our world for the better or open the door to incredibly influential possibilities. In numerous ways pop culture took a turn in the wrong direction, leaving our generations youth dancing to SoUlJa BoY and watching Zoey 101 get pregnant.

2007 wasn't exactly the best year for mainstream rap music. Actually forget that, 2007 was a shitty year for rap music. Rap CD sales decreased this year for the first time in forever, and our radios, television screens and computer monitors were filled with images of excessive drug inducement and women being portrayed with little to no respect (HELLA ONES is a prime example). Now don't get me wrong, I listened to T-Pain and Akon and said ella just as much as the next person, but I think it's important to know that there is better shit out there if you take the time to look for it.

I know I'm going to get shit for this, but TRANSFORMERS sucked. I'm all for talking robots, hell I even have some Transformer toys in my bedroom, but damn what a stupid movie. Sure it was cool watching cars transform and fight, but that's all I had to see. The movie experience could have been cut down to 10 minutes; watch them transform, stick the cube in his chest, and that'd be it. I didn't have to see them hide behind a house trying to dodge the sight of Shia LaBeoufs on screen parents, or watch the robots piss, but hey, I guess the combination of cars, big fighting robots, and Megan Fox really brings in the cash. I'd rather watch armored polar bears, at least they have a legit storyline.

This season of Heroes was a bust. Tim Kring himself even recognizes the problems, and took a bunch of fan input to try and finish the season better than it started. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. The two mexican characters were such a waste of screen time. I know a few people who thought their special power was running fast because they were trying to cross the boarder, but nooo, their super secret hidden power was tears that kill people. Peter losing his memory, falling in love with the girl that he got to know for like 10 seconds, Hiro spending a majority of the season back in time, Ando chilling at work, Peter Pan, all story points that I could have done without. There was some cool stuff in there though. Mr. Bennet continuing to be the badass that we all love, the stuff with Parkman's dad, Kristen Bell, all very cool, but I think we can all agree when I say that it didn't live up to expectations, especially after so much hype at events like Comic Con. I will admit that it picked up towards the end, with the four months ago episode, and then the season finale that gave our favorite villain Sylar his powers back, so I'll continue to watch, and hopefully they get things together.

Nothing in the fast food world really got my stomach growling and head aching for a trip to Jack In The Box this year. The Sirloin burgers are a pretty fat, grease covered thumbs down, and besides that there wasn't really anything new. McDonalds continued to release Snack Wraps, Wendy's got a 99 cent chicken sandwich, Jack and McD's released breakfast burritos, but that just leaves the rest of us underwhelmed, so we once again take a trip to Cotijas for an awesome hashbrown burrito. Nothing has really shaken up my fast food taste since Carls Jr's Six Dollar Burger, but we'll see what these billion dollar companies can come up with next year.

There's a ton of things I left out; a boring KT Tunstall release, a Feist CD that didn't exactly impress the world, Floyd's favorite High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens having her naked photo leaked, media devoting all their attention to Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton, aka shit we don't care about, and much more, but that's where you, the readers come in. What were some of your 2007 busts? What left your bright minds blackened, what left your hunger lingering, what did you ache more for, write a comment and let us know.

Look forward to THE GOOD in the next week or so.


  1. rush hour 3 was an ok movie on its own, but considering how much i love the predecessors, it was forgettable.

    minutes to midnight was probably the most disappointing cd i've ever listened to.

  2. omg i cant stand that pic of WEST ahah

    other than that i cant agree with the thumbs down on transformers, i guess talking robots are just too damn appealing to me.