Monday, December 10, 2007

Ohh Mahh Gahhh

So to bring the readers out of the madness of the previous few posts, here's this.

This my friends is the almight PIZOOKIE, the seemingly unavoidable dessert at BJ's (or as Jordan likes to call it, B and J's) Restaurant in San Diego. I came across this photo while working on one of my projects, and after seeing it I was left with my mind collapsed and stomach aching for food. That got me thinking about food in Boston. Everywhere you go, you can easily find one of three things; a dunkin donuts, a pizza place, or a sandwich shop. The fast food market consists of McDonalds and Wendy's (and Burger King I guess, but that's not even worth mentioning), and for those eager to make a fat dent in their bank accounts, there's a huge assortment of touristy fine dining restaurants. After a year in Boston, I've found a few special gems that I enjoy. Viet sandwiches and pho in Chinatown, falafel and hummus sandwiches at Falafel King or Cafe Jaffa, cheap indian lunch buffets, and a couple pizza shops that really excel at their craft. But in the end, nothing compares to the addictive and almighty Carne Asada Chips. Nothing compares to the deep dish goodness of BJs and their mouth watering Pizookie. Nothing even really compares to the simplicity and tastiness that is In n Out. So if anyone is wondering why I eat out so much when I'm in San Diego, the reason is simple. It's because good food that you grow up eating is so hard to come by (try finding lumpia in a city dominated by fat, wing eating patriots/red sox fans), so take advantage of everything in your home town because when you move away you'll end up like me, making ridiculous blog posts about food when I should be studying or something.


  1. ive been staring at the full size version of that picture for the better part of 12 minutes now.

  2. speaking of burger king, the notorious BK off of blck mt. rd and MM blvd. closed down and is now "Burrito King." either mexican food is taking over, or chicken fries just dont cut it. (sadly,i still want to try them)

  3. tsk tsk just another robirto from the block