Monday, December 10, 2007

Cool guys wear a Formality shirt

It looks like this quarter will be the first time I fail a class (or two). I'm bummed, but it's not the end of my academic career. My parents will probably overreact though and threaten to move me back to SD or come to Irvine and take away all my distractions. This will probably result in me running to my room to cry into my pillow and tell them with all of the dignity of a 14-year-old girl, "You can't do that, you're not the boss of me!"

On a brighter note, sorely missed 198 roommate, and avid CoolKidsRoom reader, Melody Cruz, is coming back home tomorrow! I don't know if you guys have noticed but ever since she left, we went fuckin bonkers at the apartment. HDTV, digital cable, liquor bottle display, LT fathead, monday night naked time...I don't know if any of these things would've made it past her voice of reason. Still, we all can't wait for her to come back, it just hasn't been the same the past couple months. It's somewhat bittersweet for me though, I have to start planning my masturbation schedule a little more carefully with one more roommate to account for.

I've ended the last two posts with jackoff jokes...I'm on a roll. One of you guys need to post today and return some dignity to this blog.


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  2. yes, avid cool kids reader and PROUD OF IT. it feels soooo good to be back. i feel like nothings changed, still the same video game-playing, junk food-eating, drinking-drinking, joke-making/love-making roomies. =]