Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report underwhelms like Padres offense without blacks or the mexican

Today was supposed to be an historically significant day in the sport of baseball. Instead, it simply reminded me of why this sport is relatively low on the tier of my fan priorities. Baseball couldn't even make its biggest scandal interesting.

The Michael Vick story for the NFL was worth my attention span. The ending was unsurprising, yet still fascinating. The great climax to the whole saga took place a couple days ago when Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison. One of the most dynamically talented athletes ever in the world of professional sports will likely never be able to resume his career as it was before. Overall when you look at this story, it's stunning.

The Tim Donaghy referee scandal in the NBA was worth my time as well. It was everyone's worst fear, that a ref would be affecting the game to serve other interests like gambling. The great hook in this one? Check out the youtube video of Game 3 from the Spurs-Suns series where "questionable" can only begin to describe Donaghy's calls.

And so yesterday's Mitchell report was supposed to be the coup de grace in MLB infamous steroid scandal. Barry Bonds' federal indictment was merely an appetizer to what culminated in years of anticipation fo this report.

Instead we learn nothing that we haven't already known or suspected. The big name drop was Roger Clemens. But really, is anyone surprised that he was using steroids? Everyone suspected it already, right? Is it realistically natural for a 40-year-old to be pitching lights out, Cy Young quality seasons?

To the baseball community, please let this thing go. Testing is in place now, we can't go back and change what happened 10 years ago. No one is going to stop buying tickets because of this, and it's not like we can get a fucking refund from watching the Mark McGwire's, Barry Bonds's, and Ken Caminiti's of yester-year.

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  1. yeh, any real baseball fan shouldnt be suprised at all from these "astounding" findings. regardless, the report is either way overdue or simply unnecessary. the steriod era brought the fans what they wanted, so fuck it, get over it.