Friday, December 7, 2007

Hi, would you like a breadstick while your waiting?

I've probably said that shiet like a MILLION TIMES.
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"We hire the best and the brightest people who have a Passion for the restaurant industry, have proven Excellence in work performance, like to have Fun and want to be a part of a world class Family! At Pat & Oscar's our focus is on Family, Fun, Passion and Excellence."


To bad we hire freakin creepsters now.

Sorry if i don't have anything really socially aware to talk about, but your just gonna have to live with it. I decided to compile a list of 5 reasons NOT to come into Pat & Oscars.

1. BG's(baby gangsters) flock to Pat & Oscars, sorry kids theirs no street cred mixed into our breadsticks.
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2. This guy has been working at Oscars for 3+ years
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3. number 1 and 2 might actually be brothers

4. Those new cups plastic cups we give you are probably not clean

5. This creepy looking guy eats their a lot and apparently has some kind of connection to number 2
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But if you do come in and i happen to be bussing make sure to leave a tip....

-just ray


    this post beats all the previous posts by anyone.

  2. just an fyi..i just ate at the mira mesa oscars on friday. and was hoping that one of you guys were working.. but now im not so sure about that.

  3. Man I dont even look like that guy....

    But yea if you haven't notcied the business at oscars has gone down in the past 3 years... I wonder why. Maybe its because I started a trend, I got Drew hired which lead to the rest of you guys being there. Nough Said

  4. lol that would make you the best thing that ever happened to oscars noslen!