Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nilaga and patis kick ass

So as i'm doing research and eating my Nilaga and 2 things come to mind. ONE My nilaga doesn't have enough patis and TWO i wonder what the coolest kids in the room are talking about.

**This is mainly gonna be in response to adonis' recent post

I just cant stress enough the need for political correctness. Using words like gay in a negative connotation is just not right. Besides i dont want the LGBT community to hassle me. But for the sake of being funny the next few comments are gonna be lacking any kind of political correctness. For example:

If i was still a kid a talking lion that talked about NOT doing drugs would be a automatic turn off. He's not exactly someone i would want to have imaginary adventures with.
However, these kats i would be down for all the way.

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It's not to say that the D.A.R.E. lion is gay. Lets just say if the swat kats jumped him it would possibly be a hate crime.

Reality of it is D.A.R.E. didn't really work out for me i think maybe Alice in Wonderland appealed to me way to much. I mean could you blame me?

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look at this guy man would you rather hang out with the caterpillar that just sits around all day on a shroom, smokes, and mac's on white girls as they walk by

or this lil hater/cock block
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I think i proved my point.
Moral of the story is Smoking is cool...until you start realizing you spend around 80 dollars a month

Oh and maybe kids would remember to stick to their D.A.R.E. promise if the lion had a gun and shot all the drug addicts dead. Then i wouldn't succomb to the dark side.


  1. "He's not exactly someone i would want to have imaginary adventures with."

    Yeah, I think i had a few imaginary adventures with Alice though when I was a kid.

  2. It's funny you mentioned the thought of being politically correct because in class we were just talking about how the term gay was being used more so as an insult in our day and age than an expression of it's true meaning. And when faculty members were asked if the word was gay was used in a negative way back when they were kids or in college they simply replied saying no, and that the words they would use in place were "cheesy" or "odd."

    But those are the words we use in our day to describe Cheetos.