Thursday, December 6, 2007

keeeeep it goin'...

I admit... I enjoy reading and reading quality blogs in particular, and I also miss column writing and just plain writing in general (fuckin' college essays don’t cut it). I've been deprived of the latter for over two years now, so in all livelihood this project should be sufficient enough to cater to both of these needs. So far I like what I see, but really, a collaboration of the great minds of Lance, Ray, Nazer, Adonis, (and someone else?? TBA) is simply UNSTOPPABLE.

Anyways, introductions aside, I felt it was appropriate to mention that tomorrow, Dec. 7, one of the greatest movies probably since Mosquito Man, premieres in theaters. Yeah, that’s right, you’re probably been just as antsy, which means it can only be….



Damn, there's nothing more badass than an armored polar bear. The movie stars some no-name child actress, James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, the slutty Nicole Kidman, and did I mention badass armored polar bears. All in all, this cast only means a one thing – a recipe for guaranteed success.

Ignoring the fact that its based off a pansy children’s book, (Hey, Harry Potter was meant for kids, but shit, he gets all the girls now) THE GOLDEN COMPASS is sure to be your moneys worth. Be sure to ignore any reviews you might come across – the critics at gave it an abysmal 39%. (These same douchebags gave THE MARINE starring JOHN CENA, yes, fuckin’ John Cena, only a 21%, so fuck them.) Instead, base your judgment on the fact that the movie features badass armored polar bears in action. Till then, I will see you at Edwards.


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  1. you and bad movies go together like lamb and tuna fish.