Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I could use some of THIS during finals week

Most of you have probably seen this already but I don't care. This video makes me wannna buy some monsters or amps and get loaded off that shit but then I'll probably get the BG's and get even less studying done.

Speaking of the BG's, I apologize to Jay and to the big white guy on my other side during the In4MatX (it's realy abbreviated that way) 111 final. Those sounds were probably very distracting to you, and trust me, they were just as uncomfortable for me. God, I felt like I was gonna explode. My stomach felt like a hot dog in the microwave that was about to blow up because it's been cooking too long.

I could've gotten an A in that class, but if it doesn't end up happening, blame the Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan Panini.

Which, by the way, is probably my least favorite of the Lean Cuisine Panini selection, though pretty good on its own merits. I will be sure to put something else down on my dad's commissary list next week. Something like this old standard:

These things don't even taste like pizza but I swear by their addictive goodness and so do many other Lance house veterans.

Shoot me a comment about your favorite frozen snack so I have something for my stomach to dream (I was gonna put "masturbate to" but I guess 3 in a row would've been too much) about while I study.


  1. frozen cuisine has always been an underground favorite of mine, so here's my few picks.

    TINA's frozen burritos
    While they can't compare to a real burrito made at one of the many restaurants in SD, they still make the perfect, 3AM snack. You can go from starving to satisfied in only microwave minute on each side.

    JENO's frozen pizza
    I love these things. They're the perfect size for one (fat) person, and if you cook it in a toaster oven and leave it in, you get that super crispy crust, which always leaves me happy. For a bigger frozen pizza that will feed more than one, the crispy crust of RED BARON is a staple in my house.

    I don't know what brand these things are, but damn, pop 10 into a toaster oven, get some salsa, and you're left with an awesome, finger food style snack, perfect for those grueling nights of playing video games for long hours. They only take 8 minutes or so to make, and because you get them from Costco, you can always make more because that bag is so huge.

    And of course, FROZEN LUMPIA. Though this involves a bit more effort with the frying, it can still sub for a full meal at any time of the day.

    Man this was big enough to be a post, whatever.

    NOTE: Some of the above mentioned are highly swayed in favor by their cheap prices at the commissary. The burritos are like 10 cents each, and the pizza is ridiculously cheap as well.

  2. Commissary owns costco smart & finals all that shiet

  3. Gyu-don is good, but nothing beats uncle's famous chips' n'dip

  4. im bored and at the condo, and noticed that nobody else really leaves comments besides the writers..soooo ill put my 2 cents in and what better topic than frozen foods lol. I dunno if too many people have had one, or if they are even still made, but my personal favorite is the Aussie Pie. its a pot pie without the tin that only takes about 2:45 to cook. best microwaveable piece of fatty goodness ive ever had.

  5. Gonna have to go with Sabatasso's French Bread Pepperoni Pizza

  6. omg omg omg
    you guys are all wrong
    they got these burgers at costco.. i dunno wut their called but it tastes like a salmon burger and hamburger put together with mozarilla cheese blending in... BOMB

  7. lol salmon burgers....WTF?!?!?! LOL and also...cant go wrong with the classic hot pocket, ill take it in any flavor...1:45 ftw!!!

  8. Posada Chimichangas from Costco.

    You guys are hilarious, by the way.