Thursday, December 6, 2007

For all of those who have restlessly waited 6 long months...

Yes, all 5 of you...I'm back to blog. And it's not the same as last time, this time it's a team effort.

You can say that it'll be half comedy, half artistic, but ALL MANLY.

Or it's part sports, part fatass, part music, part random, part newspaper, part video games, part movies, part pizza roll, part poetry, part dance, part japanese, part filipino (mostly filipino), part truth, part fiction, but most importantly, it'll be ALL GOOD.

Nothing is off-limits, which means this blog will probably get shut down in a few months due to drama.

Comments are encouraged, you guys have to keep this thing alive. Leave one about this video. Especially that 1:16 mark.


  1. you guys DEFINITELY are the coolest kids in the room. im jealous of your crazy dance moves. wheres the link to the fan club?! cant wait to join that partyyyyyy

  2. this is great stuff, guys. can't wait to read about any and all nonsense you have to offer...

    a creeper (aka vicky)