Saturday, April 19, 2008


A Week in Review: Team DonDon in Training -

Despite being anchored by former Olympic-runner Judd Judd and the legendary Thunderdome, Team DonDon has found itself in much dire straits; especially with time running short before Saturday’s much-anticipated matchup against the evil Team Cacho. Distractions, injuries, and locker-room malcontent has left team captain DonDon with very little reason for optimism.

So far, Team DonDon’s training on and off the field has been nothing short of total bust:

Tuesday: Team meeting

After watching a variety of inspirational films including Free Willy and Save the Last Dance, several team members became distraught when the group couldn’t reach a consensus on what the team colors should be. Some even threatened to quit the team. “It better be purple or I’m not running!” exclaimed team member Omar. Neon green and orange ultimately won out, although many team members still remained bitter with the decision.

Wednesday: First day or training

Team member Tuanski sustained an apparent ankle injury while playing a game of Beer Pong. Not only did he break a team rule by participating in a non-running related activity, but his ailing ankle may land him a trip to the Disabled List, holding him out from Saturday’s matchup. He is listed as day-to-day.

Thursday: Second day of training

Even with Team Captain DonDon’s repeated attempts to get his team in marathon shape, a night planned for a 20-mile group run fails to materialize. Instead, many members took the night off and got drunk, getting full off of Mexican food, and ended up passing out in puddles of their own throwup. Captain DonDon struggles to prevent his team from spiraling more out of control.

Friday: Final Preparations

Team members once again fail to congregate and make one final attempt to prepare for the upcoming 5k. Captain DonDon eventually succumbs to the disappointment and total bust that is his team. Rather than getting a good night’s sleep, he sits at home brooding, typing up a ridiculous team report with only 3 hours left before D-Day. FAIL.


  1. you should've gone home last night when you had the chance but NOO lol

  2. lol, you were the only one wearing neon green and orange.

    and you really exemplified the "mental illness" part of the cause, you reminded me of jeffy.