Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Please welcome our newest contributor!

For the past couple weeks, my compadres and I over here on CoolKids have wanted to add someone else to the staff. After countless hours spent mulling over who to add, we are proud to present our newest blogger, Justin Judd Judd.

Judd will bring a fresh new perspective to our otherwise ethnocentric staff. That means he'l be able to dish out content about everything of the caucasian, including:
black-soled feet, Sugar Smacks, Good N Plenty, Oklahoma, mysterious body odor, walking around outside without a shirt, walking around outside without shoes, being groped by a fat guy at Mesa Commmons (ok it was me), being gay in general, outstanding math skills for a white man (at the Chinese level), stealing our asian women, etc.

Before he makes his first post, Judd had this to say for his new readers:
Firtht of all I would like thhhank all of theeth asthians who I alwayth hang out withhh. My betht posths will be when I talk about lyyyfffffe (wipes saliva from mouth). Lathtly, I mustht thhank Blake. Withhout you, none of thisth isth possthible.

We look forward to Judd's contributions soon!


  1. ahahah i see your paint skills have improved since that valentine post.

    cant wait for judd's first article about his "mysterious body odor"

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. you for got "azow azow azow..."

  4. juddilypuff is soooo cute!!!