Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Spring Break Closing Weekend = Birthday Surprise + Wrestlemania

To: Adonis, Nazer, Ray
From: Lance
Re: The Balancing Act

I promised myself I would never post while I was drunk, I broke it once, fuck it, I will break my promise again (note to reader: never trust Lance if he promises something to you).

If you didn't know already it was Nelson and Nazer's birthday on Sunday. Be sure to leave them obligatory facebook/myspace comments.

Through some act of God, we pulled off the birthday surprise for Nelson. Despite our hopes that he would say something embarassing as he walked in, the look of shock/fear once we yelled surprise was worth all of our efforts throughout the last couple weeks.

Kristi, honestly, I thought that something, somewhere, would fuck up all your plans, but you pulled this off, I gotta give you props. Or e-props, whatever, the fact that it happened is very impressive.

Saturday's festivities were a great nightcap to a spring break that went a long way in recharging my batteries for the upcoming spring quarter.

Beer pong at 3 in the afternoon two days in a row (I am a self-proclaimed champion now), getting my BRAWL hours in with Bassek and David, seeing Nazer and Tony during the first weekend, a few work outs here and there, babystting Floyd one night, more beer pong at David's, and finally Nelson's traditional dinner at Islands followed by his surprise birthday party is quite the spring break if you ask me.

The cherry on top was Wrestlemania XXIV at Kuya Pogz's house. I don't watch wrestling regularly anymore but there were some good spots here and there. The highlights of the evening were a "Money in the Bank" ladder match, and Ric Flair's tearful "retirement" match versus Shawn Michaels.

In all honesty, Ric Flair is not someone who I had much respect for when I was younger. He represented everything I hated about WCW when I was a pro-WWF crazy fan (he wasn an old fart who got way too much screen time in that day and age in my opinion).

Not until I put his career into perspective (after he came to the WWF during the WCW buyout) could I grasp what he has done for professional wrestling. Everyone knows that pro wrestling is scripted and that it doesn't legitimately constitute a "sport" in the truest sense. But it's because of the passion and unwavering commitment to the profession that individuals like Ric Flair posess that this industry continues to thrive on what otherwise may be seen as a faulty product.

Flair continued to perform way beyond his "prime", yet still at a level that captured audiences across the nation. He literally bled for the world of pro wreslting, along with his sweat and tears.

If this is indeed Ric Flair's last hurrah, then the industry will surely miss his pure unadulterated contributions on a nightly basis. Next time I'm drunk, I promise you can slap me in the chest as hard as you want, as long as the surrounding crowd lets out a resounding "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!".


  1. You have 1 new message

    "hey man, happy birthday! we're about to take a midnight shot right now! so if, like, dreaming, like, taking a shot too, blaze is here, matt mendenhall was here too for some reason, happy birthday!!! yeahhhh, FUCK YOU NELSON!!! WOOOO


  2. damn he looks so old.. for some reason he reminds me of melee captain falcon transitioning to brawl captain falcon


    but uh yeh, hall of famer for sure though