Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BAROCK the peoples champ OBAMA

I'm gonna assume that all the cool kids are Ex-Pro Wrestling fans, i mean come on what 10 year old kid wasn't digging The rock at some point.

I think a cool thing we as the coolest kids in the room could do, is have a COOLEST KIDS affiliate of the month or something, and each post something about whoever the affiliate is. My vote is NELSON first month.


  1. ahaha, this was the greatest video post ever.

    i think alexand said somethin about their likeness in his info, but this video did a great job illustrating it.

    maybe some baROCK posters should go up next to my old Rock posters. or maybe i shouldn't have so many posters of dudes in my room.

  2. im down for the affiliate thing, but if nelson is the first month i might as well repost this.


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