Friday, March 14, 2008

ANTEATERS prevail over Pacific Tigers

UCI edged out Tony Luu's UOP Tigers 57-56, in the quarterfinals of the Big West conference tournament. The last play was somewhat controversial. Irvine's Patrick Sanders blocked a potential game winning put-back layup by Pacific's Michael Kirby by trapping it against the backboard. Whiners and complainers are unaware of the fact that this is only illegal in the NBA.

Most people forget that UCI has a Division I basketball team, probably because we're not very good. UOP has been the powerhouse in recent years, but that's starting to change as they seem to be going through a rebuilding process. Analysts say that this year's conference tournament is a virtual crapshoot, so we actually have a chance of making it to the Big Dance and having national coverage to some capacity.

Tonight is the semi-finals matchup against top seeded UC Santa Barbara. We swept UCSB this season and hopefully that trend continues so that I can fabricate a rivalry with Aaron (I KNOW YOU READ THIS SHIT). Catch the game on ESPN-U...hopefully, fuck who am I kidding, they probably won't even show this shit.


  1. ucsd has a pretty good ultimate frisbee team.

  2. i just realized i wasted our 100th post on a lame UCI basketball story. RIP 'EM EATERS!

  3. dont worry its not the official 100th post, we have a bunch of junk drafts we need to delete.. i think we're about 4 away