Friday, March 7, 2008

Social Injustice!!! (o.k. not really, but yeah)

Last night I drove around by myself for hours… I guess it was one of those nights where I just needed to be alone. Before finally arriving home I looked up to the sky and cried “What is wrong with this world!??” Then I proceeded to cry myself to sleep…

A great social injustice just occurred – and no, I’m not referring to the homelessness and uninsured in America, or the constant violence in the Middle East, or the thousands of children dieing as civil war plagues Africa, or even to the fact that New Orleans remains in no better shape than it was after Hurricane Katrina struck. No, these trivial things I mentioned are insignificant compared to the wrongdoing that transpired last night…

Yes, you know what I’m talking about. You’re probably tearing up just as I am right now… But don’t be discouraged, I too, feel your pain. But yeah, something is truly wrong with the world now and days…

This is hard for me to even type, but on last night’s episode of America’s Best Dance Crew, the girls from Fysh n Chicks were… VOTED OFF.

“This is absurd! That’s ridiculous!” I know, I know, I couldn’t digest the news myself. I could barely watch as A.C. Slater declared that their “banner must fall.” Sure they’ve survived on the bottom of the voting for most of the show, and sure they’re a little sloppy, and dull at times, and not quite nearly on the same level as Jabbawockeez or Kaba Modern – but that’s not the point. Should i even watch this show now? Should I start a boycott?? But no matter what, they’re gone, thanks to another group, ON ROLLER SKATES.

aka BreakSk8. Apparently there’s more than just corn in Indiana – theres douchebags on wheels.

Fuck you BreakSk8. Fuck you.


  1. hahaha

    the people around my school support a bunch of circus acrobats by the name of Status Quo. The "Asians At Berklee" club endorses them

    ...go figure

  2. what traitors, jabbawockeez FTW. and you left out the ADONIS NEEDS TO WATCH MANLIER TV SHOWS tag.