Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Political Booster Pack: Democratic Doomsday

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Today marks a pivotal moment for the democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Four states, Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont, are holding their primaries today, and since the race is so close, every single delegate matters. Lets get started then...

A Political Booster Pack: Series 3
Democratic Doomsday: Who Will Be Victorious

The man with the momentum. Since Super Tuesday, Obama has won 11 straight contests, giving him the lead over Clinton. When many considered Obama out, this second wind really changed the minds of many political analysts, and made this race so much more entertaining. Something about Obama has caught the eye of young voters, and ideas of change lead his campaign. Even republican candidate John McCain has made comments against him, which allows many to assume that Obama will win the nomination. With 1,369 delegates, Obama hopes his momentum continues to stand strong.

On Super Tuesday, Clinton won many of the larger states that have more delegate counts, but as the journey went on she's hit a sort of slump. She has lost 11 straight contests to Obama, but everyone should note that these losses were for the most part by small margins. Clinton has made recent remarks saying that it takes more than speeches to change America, and says that she has the experience needed to really make a difference. Clinton holds strong amongst Latino voters, so her presence in Texas is incredibly vital for her campaign. With 1,267 delegates, these four states are make or break for her, and analysts say that if Obama's momentum continues today, she will eventually lose the nomination.

No matter what candidate your rooting for, things are really going to heat up. Stay tuned to your local news stations all day for coverage on these events.


  1. tonight should definitely be interesting, and then i'll just have to pick between two...ok ok, hilary was never actually in the discussion for me anyways...and not cause shes a woman. it's because she has too much vagina.

  2. i swear those two should just hook up and run together, they need to worry about mccain over anything else. speaking of grandpa munster, there's a rumor that he might pick Condoleezza Rice as his running mate... now that'd be some shit.