Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ramiele Malubay, EXPOSED

A Cool Kids Room Exclusive... The Ramiele Malubay Scandal!

The current pride of the PI, Ramiele Malubay, is apparently in some “deep shit.” Recently, there has been a set of controversial pictures floating around on the internet which critics claim, jeopardize her capacity on American Idol. Several gossip sites, such as this one, have been leaking the photos, commenting on its ‘scandalous’ and risque nature.

Disclaimer: What you’re about to see is not for the faint of heart. If so, I advise you to put the kids to bed, cover your eyes, and skip to the next section, for they represent the worst of the human condition. These shocking photographs prove that Ramiele is past any chance at redemption, and her standing as a contestant on American Idol is, without question, inexcusable.


...And yeah… back to reality – I really hope I catch a segment on Fox News about this “scandal,” or get to hear Bill O’Reilly rant about how unforgivable these photos are, and even better, hear him denounce Ramiele and complain about how she should be kicked off the show. “There is no reason she should be on American idol! – Do you want Ramiele being a role model for your children?? – This is un-American!” Then, after the program, they’d follow up with a special investigation story on the state of the Philippines, making sure to mention that the country is full of terrorists plotting to kill Americans; Then, they’d run another special segment, “Filipino youth in America - Where is this country headed?”

Moreover, it seems a lot of the other contestants this season have made headlines due to their ‘controversial’ backgrounds. One of the other top 12 finalists, David Hernandez, allegedly used to work at a gay strip club as a bartender and performer.

But this supposed Ramiele Malubay scandal reminds me a lot of a similar situation a few years back, when Fantasia Barrino won American Idol. The controversy stemmed from revelations that she was a high-school dropout, a 19-year-old single mother, and rumored to be illiterate. Critics, haterade drinkers, and those still living in the 1950’s were concerned that she was a poor role model for youth and her background was ‘unfit’ for a proclaimed American Idol.

While I can agree that being a high-school dropout and illiterate is far from being in the best of circumstances, I thought it was uncalled for and disrespectful to judge her based on her history, especially how the media hyped it up. Whether you want to blame black people, the government, or runaway fathers – that’s just the reality of America; not everyone grows up in the ideal or fabricated America where everyone lives behind white picket fences.
Perhaps she is a reflection of America in the 21st century, although some people ignore the fact that people like Fantasia do exist, and ignore the truth that not everyone can live by that expected American standard.

To me, while I’m not much of a fan of her singing, have utmost respect for Fantasia for being able to put up with all that shit. Also, her being a single-mother and still being able to pursue her dreams as an artist is something to be much-admired. More power to her.

And back to Ramiele... it will be ridiculous if the media hypes up the story to the extreme; although if I was her, I wouldn’t be too worried. In all certainty, those leaked photos might actual help her in the voting. So to Ramiele, keep on reppin, and good luck tonight. (you are hot by the way.)


  1. good work detective dundun. i have to admit ive been getting a little annoyed of her, but this has renewed my support of her because these pictures are hot err...she might need some extra support.

    definitely not as boner inducing, i mean, scandalous, as those antonella barba pics, and just ask me if you want a link to those...oops, i mean i have no idea where you can find them.

    if ramiele manages to embarass all, then at least PACQUIAO WILL BURY JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ this weekend.

  2. i dont know what lance is talking about but right now i think i have a pinoy boner. I'd tear that up.

    Meanwhile read my most recent poem entitled Appreciate Her, reminding fellaz to respect them females.

  3. wow i am pretty tired of all these american idol "scandals". i just want them to sing damnit. i can only imagine what would ensue if any of us were to become famous. media field day.

    and yeah ramiele's pretty cute. i'd do her but she reminds me way too much of someone i know...

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  5. I'd rather watch ABDC, F American Idol, they're all noobs. O yea, I finally updated (kinda) my blog, since you put so much pressure on me.

    Also, I think I know who your talking about Kristine, but maybe not...b/c I have someone in mind also.

  6. ramiele FTW. oh em geeeeee!

  7. as long as everyone agrees that they would do her

    p.s. rafs just pissed cuz he knows he can't get away saying shit like that hahah

  8. alexand's right...american idol sucks

  9. this is a damn good post. with 10 comments it's beating previously top-seated Rays "Adundun T-pain comparison" and Rays "Poke fun at Nelson post"