Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Links!

So the Cool Kids Blogosphere has collectively decided to provide all of us with fresh new content in the days leading up to UC final exams. By the way, this is something we all should have read a long time ago.

  • Nelson discusses what will truly be an end of an era over at Walking Contradiction. I will never be able to eat at Oscar's again (not for fucking full price!). We have all been spoiled by your generous decision to trap yourself at a job you hated for years; all I can say is thank you for loading me up with carbs to last me a lifetime.
  • At X-tra Medium, Rawfreakme shares his favorites from DJ Mike Rizzy.

  • Alexand recaps his recent birthday trip to Vegas at Chasing the Coup. Missing though, is the part where he got drunk, ripped his shirt off in slow motion, tied it around his head, and re-enacted this scene from Kickboxer.


  • The Capinator followed up with what makes a man sexy, leaving out the obvious stuff like washboard abs or exceptional Rock Band skills.

And for good measure, one more video to share from those crazy Japanese:


  1. Those Japanese guys must've experienced some major shrinkage after being launched into the snow.

    Wait a minute. Asian guys with extra shrinkage?

    That's just fuckin' cruel.

    (Thanks for the link broseph).

  2. i bet you were only half-kidding about that response. youre gay.

  3. shit I completely forgot about that treehouse I wanted to build

  4. HAHAH what the hell happened to nicolas cage..

    and really lance, im pretty sure you can sock mel & cap in the face without having to wear a bear costume