Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Re: DISNEY CHICKS: Who is Top Tier?

To: Adonis "the Noob"
From: Just "the extraordinary" Ray

For whatever reason all this talk of Princess Jasmine made me want to post this:

My vote goes to princess jasmine as well. There are a couple of pros and cons to getting with jasmine.

1. Shes loaded, you wouldn't have to work another day of your life.
2. Jasmine is always wearing lingerie.
3. She can show you a whole new world
4. Her pops sultan agrabah is a push over, so you could convince him to lend you money all the time.


1. Shes married, but husbands are just goalies...preventing the score.
2. Her tiger Rajah might eat you while you sleep.
3. After doing the deed, your room would smell potently of curry and i would guess even the strongest febreze couldn't get that smell out of your sheets.
4. According to russell peters indian women are super hairy.....gross