Saturday, March 1, 2008

And Then He Was Like, And Then She Was Like...

To: Lance
From: Nazer

Yeah, I haven't made a post in a while, but then after thinking about it, the reason (for me at least) for starting this blog was to just write about shit that I thought people should know about, and with school and other activities piling up I felt that my time was better spent on other things. You made a Megan Fox post earlier and mentioned something about the quality of the site, but in my opinion fuck it, just write about whatever the hell you want, it's better then having no updates for a week.

Anyways, I've been spending my free time finishing up House season 3, and in an episode where Foreman declares his resignation from the hospital (NOT spoilers because this crap plays on the commercials), a song plays at the end by Brett Dennen called "Ain't No Reason." That song has been playing over and over again in my room, and I think my neighbors are annoyed, but whatever.

I picked up Patapon for the PSP and it's a pretty entertaining game with style elements that make it unique to the system, and it was only $20, so if you have a PSP (Martino, Floyd) go pick it up.

Since Brawl is coming out next week, I've been pressuring myself to finish Mario Galaxy. Yeah yeah it's a sick game, but that camera angle makes me dizzy and I get weirded out when I press up and he runs down so I don't play it that much.

After leaving the gym this morning, I saw a girl who looked about my age walking down the city streets with a blind man's cane, you know those white fold up ones with the red reflector on the bottom, and I thought damn, here I am always worrying about my eyesight while this strong individual is out making things happen, pretty uplifting.

Time to eat some cereal and figure out what to do today. I haven't heard much about SD in a while, how's everyone doing?

I know, the letter to other writers thing was totally ripped off inspired by Kotaku, but hey it's a good idea, and posts like these are always enjoyable.


  1. yeah i hate that feeling when i feel sorry for myself about something trivial and then you get that reality check that someone has it so much fucking worse than you.

  2. lol patapon reminds me of an upgraded version of that flash game where you defend your castle against evil stick figures