Monday, March 24, 2008

Smells like Patis in Here

No doubt we as the cool kids collective are some of the funniest individuals that San Diego has to offer. Better yet the funniest group that the UNIVERSE has to offer. No issue is a stranger to our blog. From Disney to Politics, Creativity to Procrastination, and even the age old question of who is more fun to pick on in a blog, Nelson or Adonis. Personally I have to say that they are equally fun to pick on. Stay tuned for future blogs by me, "Water Thicker than Liquor: The Nelson Vuong Story" and "Where Not to fall asleep when your drunk:Adonis' struggle."

As far as entertainment and the media goes Filipino representatives are virtually non-existent. So we as (an unintentional) group of Filipino's regardless of our willingness represent the Filipino Community. Now before you get your panties all twisted this post isn't to discuss Fil-Am obligation or anything of that nature. Instead I just wanted to share some vids of some folks that I think rep almost as hard as we do.

I know their not exactly a new group, but I stumbled on their shit again and still funny so enjoy. insert funny boner here.


  1. lol, good stuff. i like how most of their jokes aren't really filipino culture-oriented so other people can get down with the humor too.

  2. "Would you call a goat...a GOAT!?!?"

    hahaha yeah good shit

  3. awwww...this makes me really happy because one of the guys [rene gube] is my cousin! =)

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  5. "would you call a goat...a goat (prolly fuck a goat)"