Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mr. Adonis

So after reading Adonis' post and watching his acclaimed youtube video i decided to search more on Adonis playing smash. So after innocently typing Adonis into the search box my virgin eyes were subject to this.

Apparently every Adonis in the world has one innate skill. Our own dun dun can smash like no other, smash the game that is and this fellow in the video is an expert at the art of male stripping. Now don't get it twisted i didn't scroll down the list of Adonis related videos and pick this one, it actually has the most views and is at the top of the list. Imagine the little Captain Falcon prospects innocently searching for videos of there hero/cool kid Adonis, only to be traumatized for life by this unsightly video.


  1. omg, im lol-ing throughout this whole thing, it's so gay.

  2. hahaha that shit was funny as hell, look at all the dudes faces in the background

  3. id trade skills with this fellow adonis any day! look at him get all the grannys