Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well For Me...

To: Adonis "The Noob"
From: Nazer
Re: DISNEY CHICKS: Who is Top Tier

My choice would have to be the darling Belle. She's pretty, intelligent, humble, and has incredibly good judgement. Guys always talk about the girl who gets with the loser asshole, but Belle denies the incredibly arrogant Gaston even after he proposes to her; such a great sense of character.

She has an unbreakable love for her family which is always admirable. Even though her greedy sisters ask for jewelry and other material possessions from her hardworking father, Belle asks for nothing more than a rose.

Her love for the Beast shows her ability to look past looks and see a man for what he really is. But in the end we all know that the Beast was too much of a pussy to hurt anyone, so his ass got stabbed by that loser Gaston.

So in the end Belle would be the one for me. She has all the qualities that make a girl attractive, but she doesn't need the horse-drawn carriage, magic carpet, crabs that sing, talking dragons, or all the money in the world to be happy. Plus she hangs out with teapots and candlesticks so I'm sure she wouldn't mind a little house work. Most definitely top tier.


  1. something tells me youve thought about this before...

    but damn, i want to marry this girl now.

    belle ftw.

    except jasmine can kinda pass for a filipino...

  2. ahah fuck gaston he bitched out during his fight with the beast

    gaston quote: (taking belle's book) "How can you read this?? There's no pictures!!"

  3. lol, how the fuck do you know all those random moments in disney movies?