Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Tailwind Turner" no longer a Charger, plus some Weekend Notes

To: Nazer
From: Lance
Re: And Then He Was Like, And Then She Was Like...

It's about 6:15 PM and my PS3 has been on for 16 hours straight. There was an ongoing rotation of Jordan, Tuan and JR on Call of Duty 4 since 2 in the morning. If it wasn't for a couple rounds of King's Cup and Smoke or Fire last night, the total hour count could have gone well over 24.

Weekend Notes:

- Unrestricted free agent running back, Michael Turner, signed with the Falcons today for a 6 year deal. There was no way we would've been able to hold on the Burner (ok, I admit that's his real nickname, it's not Tailwind) as a backup for LT, but I certainly wish him luck and will keep an eye on his career away from the Chargers. Also, I'm looking forward to a full feature over at Walking Contradiction with analysis of all the latest moves that went down since NFL Free Agency started.

- /start sexist rant I'm watching the Nuggets-Rockets game on ESPN right now and a woman is doing the color commentary. She seems to be doing a good job, making quality contributions to the guy who's doing the play-by-play, but this is honestly throwing me off. Every time I glance at my computer screen to work on this entry, I think there's ice skating going on in the background. /end blatant sexism


-I plan on going to a Jay-Z concert in April because it's gonna be at a venue in IRVINE of all places. If you didn't know, he's my favorite rapper, and this is something I can't miss. Hit me up if you wanna go, I'm buying $80 tickets within the next day or two, and it looks like the tentative list includes Adonis and Alexand.


  1. before our time in irvine is over, i'm going to see to it that you appreciate females to the extent that Peter did in "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar", you just wait and see.

    and major props to me for taking that picture!!

  2. lance loves jay z because "he's filipino."