Friday, February 29, 2008


I have to admit I get a little sad when this blog doesn't get updated as much. It's kind of like the feeling when you have a Tamagotchi that gets neglected for a while and then when you come back to it, you discover it shat all over itself. So for the sake of new content, here's a link dump for y'all with the latest from the Blogdome that I frequent daily.

- Drew L. linked me to this video at Ball Don't Lie (Yahoo!'s Basketball Blog) where fatass Zach Randolph gets the sudden urge to get his Allen Iverson on.

- The guys at KSK don't have shit to do during the NFL offseason except come up with brilliant features like this fruit draft.

- With Leather has the inside scoop on where your favorite NBA players like to eat.

- One of my favorites, Awful Announcing had this video that's been goin around for while on why mascots are fucking ridiculous.

- Finally, if you haven't watched this HD trailer for Street Fighter IV at Kotaku then you don't have the raging nerd boner that's going on in my pants right now.

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  1. LOL that mascot clip is hilarious. i always knew duke was 'home of the douchebags'.. and according to that chart, peaches are the king of fruits