Thursday, February 7, 2008

It’s You Got Served, IN REAL LIFE!

I have the feeling that any real dance team would kick my ass for comparing them to Marques Houston and Omarion’s ridiculous, over-hyped, over-dramatic, pathetically acted out movie, You Got Served!, which sadly, I still enjoyed nonetheless.

Luckily, former fat fuck Randy Jackson, of American Idol fame, is premiering his new show on MTV later tonight, called, America’s Best Dance Crew!, which seems much more convincing.

I actually never watch MTV for the most part, BUT, A.C. Slater is master of ceremonies AND, San Diego is being represented by the group JabbaWockeeZ, and UCI by Kaba Modern. While I’ve seen Kaba Modern perform a few times, I’ve honestly never heard of jabbawockeez until watching them in the audition episode, which pissed off my friend Jordan quite a bit. Shit, I couldn’t even pronounce their name at first. JabbaJabba? Jabba the Hut?

While I don't know jack-shit about choreography, I thought they looked good.

Confession: In spite of the the San Diego and Orange County connections, I’m actually rooting for another west coast team… FYSH N CHICKS. Yes, it’s fucking sad. Don’t’ get me wrong though, it’d be nice to see either Jabba and Kaba advance in the series, but I have my non-gay reasons for rooting for an all-feminist team who refuse to wear revealing apparel and instead wear baggy clothing to cover up… go figure.

Namely, I have a crush on one the dancers… KOI FISH!

Yeah don’t hate. I’m rooting for her tonight as well. Just watch when she is introducted (00:36 mark), and you’ll be in like too, guaran-fuckin-teed.


SHE’S YAPANESE!” Falls in love, the end.


  1. "former fat fuck" is probably a line we didn't get to use in newspaper.

    i love jabbawockeez cause they would always save the culture shock showcases for me when i was forced to go.