Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is Megan Fox bangin?

Fuck and yeah.

Usually I try to avoid just straightforward posts that are just galleries or just videos. I'll try to add some prose to justify the media. Otherwise, I feel like I'm cheapening the intentions and quality of this site. But sometimes this shit is just worth it. I swear this girl never takes a bad picture.

Credit: WWTD for the pics, and the guys at KSK for some of my expressions.


  1. its all about Megan Good....they should just have a movie with megan good and megan fox doing day to day shiet just so guys can sit there and look at them for 2 hours

  2. Besides the tacky tattoos, I will admit she's hot in that higher-grade-porn-star type of way. And then there's those pictures of her grabbing her bf's crotch under a restaurant table. Adventurous too!

  3. the words "higher grade porn star" and "grabbing her bf's crotch" are music to my ears.

    im sure there will be a megan good tribute post sometime soon.

  4. old post.

    "I was on the edge of my seat when Bumblebee and Barricade were racing down the street. My heart was pounding when the cars would transform and prepare for battle. I felt the adrenaline rush when Bumblebee was getting towed down the street while he took out Decepticons. I had a boner when Megan Fox opened the hood of the Even Stevens guy’s car."

    best piece of writing hands down.