Saturday, January 5, 2008

CommanderCacho's Best of 2007

These awards had little to do with the artistic credibility or quality of the choices I’ve made. Moreso, they reflect the things that I helplessly enjoyed throughout the year of 2007, even if I tried not to like them.

Best Poker Player: Me

Wow, what can I say…an unprecedented three wins in a row, not to mention four victories in five games. I was simply unstoppable this year. I really wish I kept that stats site going, but maybe that’s what lifted the jinx and allowed me to go on my streak. Ok sorry, I will now take my own dick out of my mouth.

Best New TV Show: Chuck

Chuck has cool (ok, maybe cheesy) action, sexy girls, comedy, and awesome nerd references. As good as Pushing Daises was, this was the new show I looked forward to most during the new season. It also presents one of the finest examples of the Slave Leia costume ever.

Best Video Game: Rock Band

Don't those guys look cool...

Rock Band singlehandedly changed the way I look at two of my favorite things in the world, music and video games. I’ve bonded with my roommates and my friends for hours upon hours over this game. Time simply gets lost with this shit on. If you’ve seen me rock out on drums during Metallica’s “And Justice For All…” or belt out Radiohead’s “Creep” or attempt to keep up with the crazy solos on The Outlaws’ “Green Grass and High Tides” then you can understand how much I love this game on such a raw level. It brings out a side of me rarely seen and I simply lose myself in the music when I play this game.

Best Song: Buy U a Drank

This song sure as hell isn’t the best song in terms sheer quality and musicianship, but it's the song that will always remind me of 2007. The popular choice right now would maybe be “Crank Dat” as 2007’s hip-hop jam, but I just think this song is so much better. Thanks to Adonis, I know all of the words to this song. And you know you motherfuckers agree that this was the jam when it came on the radio or at the club.

Best Movie: Transformers

Let my preface this by saying that I haven’t seen a lot of the award favorites (or just fan favorites in general) this season and am going only by the movies I saw, which wasn’t very many. But, not since maybe the first time I watched Star Wars (holy shit, I’m a nerd) have I had such a great basic reaction during a movie. I was on the edge of my seat when Bumblebee and Barricade were racing down the street. My heart was pounding when the cars would transform and prepare for battle. I felt the adrenaline rush when Bumblebee was getting towed down the street while he took out Decepticons. I had a boner when Megan Fox opened the hood of the Even Stevens guy’s car. It was a well-made popcorn flick, and overall, a great movie.

I know Nazer has made some pretty valid points about how this movie is seriously lacking in basic movie essentials like plot and character development. But for me, this movie was like that pretty class council girl that bats her eyelashes and the encounter somehow ends with me going “DURH…PRETTY GIRL…ME DUMB…ME BUY 20 FRUIT BARS.” If Transformers was a class council girl, I would have bought all her loaves of Dudley’s bread.

Best Album: Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

I saved this award for last because I realize that this choice above all will most likely result in me losing any credibility I had in taste. I tried so fucking hard this year to like a CD made by a black person more than I liked this one. I just couldn’t resist its catchy pop rock goodness. God, what the fuck is wrong with me.


  1. hah, let me buy you a drank.. although I do feel quite embarrassed getting owned in poker to this goofy ass

  2. i think its funny how one of the labels of this post is "nerd boner". now all we need is FOB on Rock Band and we'll be set until RB2.