Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who Got Game?

So i didn't write this, but i figured it's relative because i personally think what the cool kids are lacking including myself is some GAME. Also posting it because i like to promote good poetry for free...

Adriel Luis - Rendition of a basketball player telling a girl he jocks that he doesn't mind being her rebound.
Girl, I don't mean to be forward

Because I know you have your guards up,
But lately you've been the center of my attention
And I'm usually one to call the shots
But girl I'm not down for no suicide runs
So tell me if I'm stepping out of bounds
And I'll take some time out
But if you're you're down to pick and roll

Then baby,I think we could make a dream team.
Oh yesThey call my lovin the NBA
Cuz it's Nothin But Affection

Holler at a player.

heres iLL-literacy's site

if you ever get tired of reading our own shiet fellaz go here, and i think they use blogspot, but their page looks WAY COOLER THAN OURS.

oh and i'm down for the Lance mascot idea.


  1. time to bring the infamous CONDO GAME back

  2. if real life is like basketball then i am mark fucking madsen.