Monday, January 7, 2008


Weekend Wrapup:

Chargers kick ASS

Give credit to the Chargers’ and their photographers, this picture is a masterpiece. Poor Vince Young, I can almost see the tears swell up in his eyes as he holds his fatass runningback ever so gently. I get the notion that after the game, Philp Rivers, being a dick as usually, ran with his notorious trash-talking mouth for another week in a row… He must’ve said some really mean things, as it appears Lendale White got his feelings hurt pretty bad as he rushed to cry on Young’s shoulder. “Don’t worry baby, he can’t hurt you anymore…”

While I am a firm believer in sportsmanship and conducting yourself with a sense of “class” like good ol’ LT, San Diego’s triumph over the Tennessee Titans could make me care less. While this matchup at the Q wasn’t the most impressive or prettiest of wins, (e.g. LT managed only 42 yards on the ground and Antonio Gates became a casualty of war after stubbing his big toe) it was a satisfying PLAYOFF victory, nonetheless, and there’s much more to be overjoyed about along with this win.

Mainly, my jumping for joy and cheap shots towards Titans fans stems from the fact that a San Diego sports teams has finally gotten over this time-honored San Diego tradition of teasing with a promising regular season, and then LOSING disastrously early on in the playoffs, as recent history of the Chargers and Padres suggest. Likewise, a loss would’ve thrown the city in chaos, as this defeat would’ve coupled with the Padres' pathetic meltdown (this day sucked) to the Colorado Rockies only a few months earlier, resulting in impending dark times for San Diego. Besides being shited on by the media, the coaching situation would be in disarray, A.J. Smith’ life in jeopardy, the crime rate would rise, the economy in shambles, and for some reason there’d be another crazy wildfire.

Of course, one could argue that the REAL matchup is still to come, as the Chargers head to Indianapolis to play against the defending Super Bowl Champs. The Colts present a stiff challenge for obvious reasons; Unlike Vince Young, Peyton Manning is white and actually knows how to pass. Plus, the Colt’s boast a respectable D, (allowed the fewest point per game and ranked 3rd as an overall defense) and will have the porn star-mustached tight end, Dallas Clark, as well as Manning’s partner-in-crime wide reciever, Marvin Harrison, both available at his disposal.

Regardless of the tougher matchup, I hope to see a lot of this next Sunday:

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  1. im sure vince took lendale to jack in the box afterwards for THE BIG DEAL.