Monday, January 7, 2008

Spoken WHAT?: Fist Pumps, Finger Snaps, and Head Nods(Not another new dance craze)

So I'm not gonna post a BEST OF 07 tribute post because theirs just to much to recall I am attempting to post a real post instead of just a video because that's all i've been contributing lately. So here it goes...

Now that I'm sitting here trying to do this i honestly have no idea what so ever as to what i should talk about. So I'm gonna go ahead and speak on a topic that i know a lil something about and that my friends is, Spoken Word. Spoken what? Spoken word. Oh yea, that's right i said it spoken word. insert- fist pump, finger snaps, head nod -here.

Spoken word is a form of literary art or artistic performance in which lyrics, poetry, or stories are spoken rather than sung. Spoken-word is often done with a musical background, but emphasis is kept on the speaker. (wikipedia)

Now i don't mean in anyway self promote myself or toot my own horn so to speak, but i have been known to get down on the mic with some poetry *ahem* *ahem* if you don't know now you know...


i know its hard to tell that its me, but i have so much substance and passion for mines that the camera has trouble capturing the moment...

memorable quote by adonis after watching this performance "my breath smells like longaniza"
that being his best attempt at appreciating and grasping the message behind the poem. (that quote is taken out of context and isn't even what was said) oh adonis we love you


All narcissism and funny adonis pics aside, (note to self: possible group post topic favorite adonis pics) we live in an age where popular culture seems to dictate our every decision. It is important to aknowledge an art form that almost literally can and does say FUCK THAT!

Spoken Word not only is a form of expression, but it means so much more to me as well as many others. It has become a movement that has allowed thousands if not millions to be inspired to make a change and in my opinion has helped to create a level of awareness not only in our country, but all across the globe. The Spoken Word community has become it's own sub culture consisting of Poet's who speak on topics ranging from sexuality to politics, racism to love whatever the human mind can thing of is a potential poem. Of course i come from a pretty biased point of view, but one can't help but have some level of apperciation for Spoken Word.
As a poet i believe in writing for myself as well as performing in order to build a connection with other people at the same time addressing issues that i feel need to be addressed. Tupac said it best when he said "i'm not saying that i'm gonna change the world, but i guarantee that i will spark the mind that will change the world..."

Instead of continuing on and on about this i figure i'll just post some videos and other forms of media to create a visually eye catching hook to my whole spiel.

Adriel Luis- Slip of the tongue

If my memory serves me right this video actually won a emmy for best short film or something like that. Anyways the poet's name is adriel luis and he's a 1/4 of the group iLL-literacy a spoken word group/collective that travel the world moving crowds with their poetry. iLL-literacy also consists of Nico Cary, Ruby Veridano-Ching, and Dahlak Braithwaite. All of whom have are amazingly talented.

iLL-literacy promo video

watch the iLL-Literacy movie at

Last Spoken Word related video for the night...

Shihan-This Type Love

special thanks goes out to Brent and the 198 kids for helping to make it extra hard to finish this post cuz i had to go to the bathroom like 5 times cuz i got the alcohol shiets from last night


  1. hell yeah im down for def poetry jam.

    "i have so much substance and passion for mines that the camera has trouble capturing the moment..."

    ahaha, thats almost as bad as me crowning myself poker champion of 2007.

  2. this is probably true for anything that you'e seen live, but a few videos dont serve iLL-Literacy any justice - watching them perform is way moreimpressive.

    im proud of you ray, people ought to know that longanisa makes your breath stink