Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As i sit in my school library I wonder why the fuck I came to school 5 hours before my class even started. (cinema and gender at 7)

So now that i'm over studying I decided to drop a line on the coolest kids in the room .

Now that I started this I realize that I have nothing to actually talk about, so I'm just gonna post videos of things that I think are visually as well as mentally stimulating and/or just bull shiet videos I think are funny.


  1. AHAHAH that maury video is so funny

  2. the maury video is a classic. and that last one was dope but i dont know if its just cause i like his dr. mario shirt.

  3. That last video is what school is like for me, pretty dope

    and TV On The Radio is the shit

  4. i thought the 1st video was interesting, until watching the maury one.. LOL.hands down,best reflection of America today